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VIVA GOA 200 km BRM (GOA-KARWAR-GOA) – ON 25.03.2012

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Final Results : Viva Goa 200KM BRM – (Goa – Karwar – Goa)
Registered : 36
Finished :22
Did Not Participat:5
DNF :9

1. Samreth Singh GA-14 9.0 hrs
2. Prashant Tidke P31 9.11 hrs
3. Rafiudeen Shaikh M69 10.16 hrs
4. Tushar Shinde GA-08 11.20 hrs
5. Raghav Gowda GA-11 11.44 hrs
6. Joshua Fernandez M80 11.47 hrs
7. Vinod Pai GA-02 11.48 hrs
8. Kailas Patil M24 11.48 hrs
9. Ranger Mazarello GA-23 11.50 hrs
10. Viraj Valekar GA-09 11.51 hrs
11. Kabir Tombat GA-24 12.0 hrs
12. Arvind Ganesh B-761 12.15 hrs
13. Joel Fernandes GA-15 12.21 hrs
14. Bryan Soares GA-22 12.24 hrs
15. Vinoo Chari P22 12.24 hrs
16. Sohan Sintre B-771 12.43 hrs
17. Manoj Soman GA-17 12.47 hrs
18. Terence Moniz GA-01 12.48 hrs
19. Aires Andrade GA-21 12.48 hrs
20. Manjula Sridhar B-121 12.51 hrs
21. Prasad Kundaikar GA-07 12.57 hrs
22. Ajay Dongre GA-05 13.2 hrs








TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN A BREVET RANDONNEURS MONDIAUX 1. I agree to abide by the Ride Rules of Randonneurs India, and the Ride Rules of AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN http://www.audax-club-parisien.com/EN/index.php?showpage=3222. I agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of Maharashtra in which I am travelling as they affect the use of a bicycle. 3. I fully understand and agree that I am entering this event entirely at my own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against Randonneurs India, any of the participants or organiser, its committee members, agents or servants for any loss, damage or injury however caused in relation to my participation in this event. 4. I understand that i am required to wear a helmet at all times during the event. 5. I understand that I am required to comply with the lighting requirements set out in the Ride Rules. These requirements apply for a ride on which any part of the maximum time is at night (i.e. between sunset and sunrise) and include: a) Having an effective front and rear light and a rear red reflector attached to the bicycle (and spare front and rear lights); b) Having those lights switched on at all times of darkness or low visibility; and c) Wearing a reflective vest or bandolier at all times of darkness or low visibility. 6. I understand that all decisions of qualifying or disqualifying are final and cannot be appealed against. 7. I Have Not Been Disqualified From Any BRM Till Date For Committing Any Fraud, Cheating, Or Deliberate Violation Of ACP Rules!

* Required



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