Jumpstart The Great Gig In The Sky with Dischordian @ secluded village next to a river karjat April 21

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Cost Rs.2600/-

Unfortunately, we are constrained for space, we will have to limit the number of attendees to 30. Please please confirm and book at your earliest as more than half of the seats have already been booked and paid for.

1. Travel from Mumbai to Karjat and back would be by private bus.
2. The above costs also include Lunch, Tea and Dinner on day one, Breakfast and Lunch on day two.
3. No alcohol will be provided at any point.
4. Participants under the age of 18 years will be required to get written consent from their parents / guardians. (Consent form will be mailed on request)
5. Railways, Forts, Temples, Dargahs, Caves, Forests have rules and regulations in addition to the laws of the land. Familiarizing oneself with the same will safeguard the participant from committing any violations. In any case, Jumpstart and it’s representatives shall not bear any liability towards the actions of the individuals and thereby their consequences, whatsoever.


For the finer details, read on –

The Great Gig… is a one night, two day experience which involves an adventure activity and a gig. The location is a tribal village near Karjat. We will be traveling by a bus booked for us, which will begin from Sanjay Gandhi National Park Gate, Borivali East at 8:00 am and continue North-ward on the Western Express Highway.

The pick-up points will be –

08:00 – SGNP gate, Borivali
08:20 – Bisleri Factory, Andheri
08:30 – Vakola Signal, Santacruz
08:40 – Kalanagar Bus Stop, Bandra
08:55 – Sion Station
09:05 – Under Kurla Flyover, Kurla, Eastern Express Highway
09:15 – Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Junction
09:35 – Under Vashi Flyover, Vashi, Sion Panvel Highway
For pick-up points beyond this, please contact one of us and we can decide on the best suitable location.



21st April (Saturday) –

12:00 – Reach the village for Lunch
14.30 – Get ready for the dip in the river.
16:30 – Reach back to the campsite and start setting up camp.
18:30 – Dischordian begins performing. Opportunity to sing along and have a jam session
21:00 – Dinner

22nd April (Sunday) –

08:00 – Breakfast
09:00 – Winding up the campsite
09:30 – Opportunity to visit the ancient caves nearby / swim in the river.
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Leave for Mumbai


Contact Us

Akul Tripathi – 98197 26688
Dhiren Talpade – 96197 93983
Ryan Thomas – 99202 63810


One cannot live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours without shelter and 3 minutes without air. However, we have always (touch wood!) managed to get participants back home safe and sound. A large part of the credit goes to the participants who pack and do as mentioned under:

1. WATER: They always have at least 2 litres of water. They keep sipping water and replenishing their body reserves which are usually lost through perspiration and transpiration. This also keeps them happy and energetic.

2. SHOES: They check their shoes before the event for strength, grip and comfort. Old unused shoes usually don’t last for more than 30 minutes in the outdoors. Similarly, brand new shoes almost always result in shoe bites. Closed shoes protect their feet from pricks and bites. This helps them focus on having a good time rather than just facing the elements. They also carry slippers/flip-flops/sandals to be worn during rest time and travel.

3.CLOTHES: They wear comfortable clothes which allow them to stretch, climb and jump. Clothing is most effective when it covers your arms and legs from the sun, cold, pricks and bites. They usually carry extra clothes and a towel depending on the number of days the event is. We have observed that extra plastic bags are of great help when it comes to storing wet clothes.

4. FOOD: They get Chocolates, Chikki, Dry Fruits, biscuits, farsan, vadapav, samosa, salami, chicken sausages, roast lamb, etc… These items keeps them charged and energetic during the day. The food makes us happy too. PLEASE CARRY STUFF that can be warmed and eaten over a campfire.

5. SUN PROTECTION: They carry hats/caps, sunglasses and sunscreen and use them. This also reflects well in the numerous photographs that get clicked.

6. JACKETS / WINDCHEATERS: They prefer enjoying the outdoors warm and dry. YES it will be COLD.

7. SLEEPING BAGS: We have observed that participants use these sleeping bags in a variety of ways. We will however use these for sleeping at night. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, carry 2 thick bed-sheets/blankets.

8. TOILETRIES & MEDICINES: They say soap, toothpaste and toothbrush help keep a good hygiene. In addition they carry medicines that they commonly use to counter Asthama, allergies and other health issues that they may have.

9. ELECTRONICS: They carry cameras, torches, extra bulbs and batteries. They also make sure to have waterproof coverings to protect
their belongings from moisture.

10. BACKPACK: They usually carry all their stuff on their backs keeping their hands free for things other than holding a bag.

11. TRASH BAG: They do not believe in littering and so they carry trash bags to carry all the wrappers, chewing gums, chips Packets, etc and dispose it off in the local Garbage Bin.

12. MOSQUITO REPELLENT: They just smiled when we asked them why. They did sleep very peacefully at night.

13. HUMOUR: Their sense of humour made it difficult for anything to dampen their spirits.



All Jumpstart events take place in the great outdoors. The success of these events depend upon various factors which include climatic conditions, governmental / quasi-governmental policies, mechanical and human error in hired vehicles, etc. and despite checks and double checks, there is always a possibility that the event may not see through as planned or advertised. Jumpstart and it’s representatives do everything in their reasonable capacity to ensure the smooth running of an event and stick to the advertised plan. However, in the situation that an event has to be shortened or cancelled, Jumpstart would stand liable to refund only the balance amount of the total amount paid after deductions of the actual cost incurred up to the moment.

Jumpstart and it’s representatives do not subscribe to or encourage the consumption of any Alcoholic and/or Narcotic and Psychotropic substances during an event. Not only does the consumption thereof compromise the safety of the individual and the group physically, but also legally. Any participant who does not adhere to this policy during the event would automatically stop being a part of the event and be asked to make private arrangements for themselves thereon, without receiving any refund whatsoever.

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