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Mountain Cleaners are a voluntary group involved in various environmental projects in Himachal Pradesh, India. Please see for more information.

Is there anyone in Dehra Dun that can help us with furniture for our new HQ? We need so many things including desks, office chairs, drawers, a shelving unit, sofa, chairs, tables, mats, bed linen, curtains/blinds, kitchen equipment ie pots and pans, cutlery, fridge etc. If you can help and have something you don’t want in your home, attic or garage then please let us know. Thanks in advance.

Please ask people interested in helping to email please.

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Mountain Cleaners – Dehra Dun 

Mountain Cleaners have received approval for funding from Max India Foundation for a 2 year clean-up campaign in Dehra Dun.


We were sure that we would find a furnished office/living space but the place we found that fits the bill is unfurnished!  Our new headquarters in Ansal Green Valley is completely empty apart from a bed. We need so many things including desks, office chairs, drawers, a shelving unit, sofa, chairs, tables, mats, bed linen, curtains/blinds, kitchen equipment ie pots and pans, cutlery, fridge etc. If you can help and have something you don’t want in your home, attic or garage then please let us know. Thanks in advance.



The Mountain Cleaners are a group of volunteers dedicated to cleaning up India, little by little through a combination of direct action, liaison and awareness-raising. Their initial project, which is still ongoing, involves working with the tea shops and guest houses in a beautiful but previously rubbish stricken mountain camp called Triund, a four hour trek from Mcleod Ganj.

Phone 098 57 476999

The Proposal for Dehra Dun

Dehra Dun will certainly be a challenge to clean mainly because of the large area that needs to be covered. Thankfully Doon Valley Waste Management (DVWM) deals with waste in half of the 66 wards. Approximately 100 tons of waste is collected daily. Sweepers are employed but no-one is responsible for the waste in between the areas that are swept. Roadsides are heavily littered and plastic bags are the biggest problem. Even expensive shops and showrooms in upper class areas have garbage piled outside.


DVRM are making Rajpur Road a dustbin free zone and will insist that businesses have their own dustbins outside their premises. We are interested to see how this works.


Collaboration and Volunteers

There are a number of organisations in Dehra Dun who have an environmental interest or can provide volunteers. Citizens for Green Doon, Save Trees, WWF India, MAD, NCC, NSS and YUVA are all potential supporters and the general reception for a clean-up program in Dehra Dun was extremely positive. Several individuals expressed an interest too. Shaila provides education for slum children and would like to help with clean-up at Brindal River near to the slum. Florence worked for a number of years running a waste management NGO and now works with locals in Rajpat Forest. Anurag Chauhan from Making a Difference (MAD) is 17 years old and has helped to put together a detailed and well thought out dossier highlighting the garbage problems in Dehra Dun. Anurag is an inspirational person who we believe will not only ensure the cleanliness of Dehra Dun but will also be a major player in future Clean India Campaigns.



There are a huge number of educational establishments in Dehra Dun that we will contact and ask for their support and invite them to take part in our initiatives. We can hold an inter school competition that relates to the environment and waste. An education program is already underway in the schools thanks to Florence Panday but we can collaborate and expand on it. We would like to assist the schools with planning eco events for days such as World Environment Day and Earth Day. We will also encourage them to participate in one cleaning event per year where they will clean the forest, local parks or picnic spots. We will also encourage them to maintain the area around their schools and assist at community clean-ups held in their areas.


Volunteer Roles

We require volunteers for more than just cleaning. We need them to educate the people in the areas we are cleaning to ensure they don’t become dirty again. We will allocate Green Ambassadors in each area to monitor and report back on cleanliness. We need people to distribute re-usable bags, discourage the use of plastic bags and to encourage and support the shop owners to have dustbins directly outside their shop. We need assistance with fundraising and awareness raising too.


Community Open Day

After the official launch at the end of May we will organise an event in a public place such as a local park where we will do workshops on waste management, composting, garbage arts and crafts and have info stalls for Mountain Cleaners, DVWM, MAD and the other NGO’s mentioned above. We need a venue where we can show films such as Mountain Cleaners videos, educational and awareness raising footage, videos from the other NGO’s etc. This gives us the opportunity to promote our work, inspire others that change is possible and start off as we mean to go by working together. The mayor, chief minister and other influential people will be invited to attend.


We will display standees that show people what Mountain Cleaners do. We will also present our action plan using a big map of Dehra Dun broken down into wards. Volunteers will be able to sign up for events, request our Clean-up Dehra Dun newsletter, offer to become Green Ambassadors in their ward and donate to the campaign.


Garbage Hot Spots

Both roads leading to the airport are dirty and littered particularly the forest and the following areas. Parvan Rama, Jolly Grant, Bhaniyawala, Harawala, Nehru Gram (near to the Commissioner of Income Tax area & playing field, the Voter ID department), Nalapani Chowk and Shanti Vihar.


There is a dump site by the road on the way to Deer Park which is 3 minutes by car and 30 minutes on foot. Deer Park is possibly the only destination that visitors to the centre will make on foot and is a good location for a clean-up event.



There is a lot of garbage in the forest that can only have been thrown by passing vehicles. Signage needs to be displayed at the start and end of the forest and periodically in between instructing people not to throw trash out of the window. We will put dustbins in areas that are used for parking.



There are a number of local parks that require attention. Parks are ideal locations for clean-ups and encourage community participation. Our information standees will be displayed at each event to ensure that the maximum amount of people can learn more about what we are doing. The amount of trash collected at each event will be recorded.


Petrol Stations

There are a number of petrol stations that have enormous bill boards. We will write to them and request that a clean and green message is used on those boards ie “Keep Dehra Dun Clean – please do not throw garbage out of your car window”.


Bus Stops

The advertising for the top of bus stops has been given to DVWM. At present the bus stops are spoilt by posters and look extremely unsightly. We would like to be able to strip them, clean them and paint them with environmental messages and artwork to educate the people and promote the clean-up campaign. We would like to collaborate with DVWM to present our vision for a cleaner, greener Dehra Dun.



We need banners for three reasons. 1) to let people know that a clean up event is planned for that area, 2) to keep it clean after the event and 3) to educate and inspire people. Good branding is essential.


Advertising Boards

There are a ridiculous amount of bill boards in Dehra Dun. We will approach the companies and ask them to offer their clients the opportunity to have a clean and green message added to their advertisement. We will also ask them to consider giving us free board space.



We need good quality, well placed and effective signage to be placed around Dehra Dun.


Signage for new constructions

We will contact the owners of new constructions and ask that their signs contain a clean and green message. We will educate them about the waste management system in Dehra Dun and start to build a relationship before the construction has even been finished.


Election Posters

A ridiculous amount of walls are unsightly due to election posters. The political parties involved should either take then down after elections or be made to donate to a clean-up fund. Volunteers can be utilised for cleaning and re-painting the walls. Donations from local businesses will be requested for beautifying their area.


Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great way of spreading a clean and green message and deter fly postering. We will make these community events that schools, individuals and organisations can contribute to by getting involved.


Fines and Enforcement

DVWM have been given the power to issue fines for littering and dumping. The penalty money is made payable to the Municipal Corporation. We should encourage them to use this power and put it to good use. By printing the names of people fined in the local newspapers we can deter future offenders.


Publicity and Media

We want to make good relationships with the local media. We will submit regular press releases about our progress and feature individuals, businesses and areas that are doing well and making positive changes. We will aim for local, national and international coverage.



We will have a basic website and a Facebook page for general info about the campaign, photos, ways people can help, info about being a “Green Ambassador” etc. We will have an event calendar, volunteer information, upcoming projects, feedback, “Green Hero” stories, statistics and data regarding waste collected per week/month.


We will also create a monthly e- newsletter and hope to have a monthly feature article where we can report on our progress in the local media.


Waste Workers

We need man power on a full time basis and cannot always use volunteers for the roadsides where there is heavy traffic. Also there are several dumpsites that are not suitable to be cleared by volunteers. Volunteers are free to join any clean ups but will need to sign a disclaimer each time. We would like to provide employment to people from the slums. People that work hard and are reliable will be considered for permanent employment. We would need signage that requests cars to slow down and drive carefully, clean-up in progress.



We will contact the Dehra Dun and Musoorie Development Authority, the Tourism Board, Survey of India, Ministry of Defence and the Forest Research Institute to inform them of our plans and ask for their support and assistance.



T-shirts are a great way of spreading a clean and green message. Cool designs and effective wording will ensure they sell. Sponsors can choose to fund shirts exclusively or we can have up to 3 additional sponsors to bring the cost down. Max India will sponsor the first set of t-shirts.


Tree Planting

During the monsoon time we will conduct or take part in a tree planting event. We will secure sponsorship for the metal tree protectors that will also have a clean and green message.


Say NO to plastic bags campaign

Plastic bags are supposedly banned in Dehra Dun but it’s not enforced. We will secure sponsors for re-usable bags and can utilise volunteers in each ward for their distribution. Shop owners will be given the bags free of cost first time then will be asked to pay for them in the future. They will be given the opportunity to make an additional donation if they so choose. A better quality cloth bag can also be made and we would like to discuss these being made by people living in the slums.




We will report well and film our activities to see what we can achieve in 365 days. This is a project ‘by the people for the people’ and if we get support we can potentially create a model that can be replicated anywhere.


We will endeavor to involve and utilise the local community, NGO’s, educational establishments, government bodies and corporates as much as we can.


Is it possible to change mindsets and transform a city in 365 days? There’s only one way to find out……


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