Trek to Duke’s Nose for a Noble Cause on Sunday 26th August 2012

We do treks for our own pleasure …for our own enjoyment and our very own happiness . But have you ever thought , that your participation in a trek can make life of someone who really needs support …more easy ? Have you ever thought that the songs you are going to sing in this trek will bring happiness in their lives and smile on the face of their family members ? If you are really interested to know more about this ,then you are invited to join us for this Duke’s Nose trek on Sunday 26th Aug.

We are organizing this trek to support the memories of our best friend Ramesh who lost his life in the lap of the massive Mount Everest …. to support his team members who are still finding it difficult to gather funds even after they successfully summited the highest mountain in the world . These Ever esters are facing a shortfall of 40 Lacs and they had sacrificed their home and careers for this mission Everest. We know this trek is not going to make a huge difference to their lives …but at least we will be really happy if we can be a cause for generating some support from society for these mountaineers …. Support for the noble and healthy sport of mountaineering…. and the passion for mountains . Regards, Ajit Ranade. Call my friends today to know more about this.Shailesh Dabhole – 9881401510
Pritam Patil – 94223 44007
Dr Raj Chavan – 986003117
Dipak Kelkar – 96235 50818

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