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PEDAL FOR PEACE October 2, 2012

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Announcing the team Captains for the Pedal for Peace Event

Blue Team : Shishir Gorle

Green Team: Meenal Sharma

Red Team: Anil Uchil

Purple Team: Cyc Firoza

Yellow Team: Sunil Gandhi
The team members will be announced on the 25th of Sept

Event details
Each team will have 10 members.Its is a Team race, albeit of a different type. The race has been conceptualized in a way that virtues of Teamwork, Tolerance,Caring for others,Sharing,…etc are showcased. This the theme and message of the event and we wont be promoting it by caring placards and banners but by exemplifying it. Also with this event we want to promote the idea of biking to work and alternate means of transport. If amateurs like us can ride from one end of town to other and in lesser time then any other way possible. why cant others? This ride is also to promote communal harmony and better community living.
Each team and its members have to stick together throughout the race and help the lagging member’s of the team cross the line,that’s the whole idea. The team timing will the time of its last rider crossing the line. There is also a self regulatory rule that there wont be a separation distance of more than 20 mts between 2 team members at any given point, this also works in the teams favor as all 10 of the team are supposed to be together crossing the finish line too. This has also been done considering, safety on the roads. All participants are expected to wear a Helmet (minimum requirement) and follow all applicable traffic rules. Each team will have a dedicated support vehicle with dedicated volunteers for assistance. Mumbai police is supporting this event and will be providing escort.
The 1st leg is from Thane to Azad and 2nd leg is back to Thane at midpoint of each leg there is a hydration station where teams can take a water break.
After end of 1st leg at Azad maidan teams will be recieved by Mr.D. Shivanandan ex DGP after breakfast the 2nd leg will start and end in thane with lunch.
We will be calling a pre-event meeting of all captains as per their convenience.

Thank you all for the great response shown so far, anticipating the same in the days to come and during the event.

Best Rgds
Jose (Jo), Shishir, Manoj P Menon



Education for Peace Foundation http://educationforpeace.in/
and Haybren Adventures www.haybren.com (under const)
have come together to spread the message of peace and harmony by organizing a cycling event on 2nd of Oct 2012 on the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti as a tribute to the apostle of Peace

Through this event we hope to:
• Raise awareness on the importance of Education for Peace
• Promote tolerance and appreciate a different point of view
• Promote team bonding, caring for each other
• Promote awareness of cycling as an alternate means of transport


Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle.
~ Helen Keller deaf and blind political activist

Event Details

• This event will consist of 50 riders who will be doing a distance of 90-95 Kms i.e Thane to Gateway of India and back.
• The event will test the fitness level of the participants and hence care has been taken to allow only those cyclists who are fit and can to do this distance and ride.
• The start point is Hiranandani Meadows in Thane west and end point of the 1st leg is Gateway of India. There the riders will be welcomed by a well known Dignitary (not a politician). He will deliver a small message as well.
• Breakfast will be provided to the participants and then the riders will start the second leg taking them thru churchgate-marine lines- Dadar-Sion and back to Thane (start point).Route map:http://goo.gl/maps/XI4c2
The race will end with Lunch at Aromas in Hiranandani Meadows, Thane west.
• We are incorporating a race element into this ride by making 5 teams of 10 each. Each team will consist of slow and fast riders, riders on mtb/road bikes. Throughout the ride, all the team members have to stick together and timing of the last person in the team will be considered. All members of the winning team will be given a prize for their efforts.
All those interested in becoming a part of event pls fill the registration form. Details of submission is mentioned in the form itself. There is no registration fees for this event. We will be able to accommodate only 50 participants so pls be fast. Registrations close on 20th of Sept. Registration form:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHpQV3diZ2pva3Z5MXEzWjE1cHl4Rnc6MQ#gid=0

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