Let take on the tough route this time to test our endurance;
1. Starting from Hiranandani Meadows – 5.00 AM SHARP (need to wake up really early to avoid mid-day heat)
2. Reach Fountain hotel @ 05.45 AM (14.5 Km). Here we bunch up with riders from the WE h/w (if any)
3. Depart from Fountain hotel before 06.00 AM
4. Reach Tungareshwar Mahadev temple by 7.00 AM (19 Km)
5. Rest / Temple visit / snacks / Tea – 30 min
6. Depart Tungareshwar temple @ 07.30 AM and Rough climb (cat-1) to Ashram top – 1 hour (7 km)
6. Rest for 15 min and thereafter downhill ride to Vajreshwari by 09.30 am (17 Km)
7. Rest for half hour + Breakfast
8. Depart @ 10 am and Return by the “FLAT terrain” route by 12 noon to Thane
9. Ride distance totaling to 112 Kilometers
10. After turning right from highway towards Tungareshwar Mahadev temple, the route is very rough and Hard-tail MTBs are best suited.
11. Pl carry spares tubes, electrolytes, some snacks and lots of water.
12. This is route for a team ride as the mountain road is rough as we enter the forest area and we may need each other’s support.



Note-1: Start Elev 38 m, Max Elev 656.0 m and total Gain is 892 m
Note-2: This ride is for the tough ones who believe in Mind-over-Matter

Please read carefully

Ride at your own risk. Cycling carries a significant risk of personal injury or death. DO NOT participate in this ride unless are knowledgeable about the risks involved, and are willing to assume personal responsibility for all risks associated with these activities. Bike Forums and ride organizers cannot and will not be responsible for any damages or bodily injury caused to any rider or their bicycle for any reason. Please observe all applicable traffic laws, wear safe attire, wear a helmet and conduct yourself in a safe and prudent manner while participating.


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