Here people can sell or buy second-hand cycles WITH GEARS and cycle accessories. Now you can easily get stuff beyond your budget IN YOUR BUDGET!

BUYERS’ SHORTCUT: Go to PHOTOS to see all stuff being sold.

SELLERS: Just upload & post actual pic (not link) of item you wish to sell. Please mention city first. Then your price vs market price, item size, condition and features.

Do add friends, because then the possibility of finding sellers and buyers AROUND YOU increases. Read this para again 😀

If buying a bike check if the frame size suits your height. You will get Road, MTB, Hybrid bikes’ sizing charts online.

When your item is sold comment SOLD!

The responsibility of the transaction lies with the buyer and seller only. Toh dekh lena aapas mein.

CYCLOP is a group for buying and selling used bikes and accessories.

Here you are the buyer and/or the seller. Just post a bike you wish to sell or look through the photos for a bike you may like to buy. This group is for people, individuals… not brands or companies or promotions unless a special offer or discount comes along for CYCLOP members specially.

To make CYCLOP stronger in your area, you are welcome to add people to cyclop – both cyclists and non-cyclists.

CYCLOP makes no money from you buying or selling here. Also since it is one-on-one, the buyer and seller are totally responsible for the transaction and the info exchanged.

Here we also have many cycling discussions. You will find answers to frequently asked questions in the album called CYCLOPaedia. You could contribute to this album with your answers too.

BUYERS’ SHORTCUT: Go to PHOTOS to see all stuff being sold.

SELLERS please upload ONE photo of the bike or accessory and not a link. And for multiple photos upload them as photo comments on ur sale or share a picasa etc album link. Here is the info you are required to give:
Your selling price
Any selling point like Half price or small frame
Bike Model. MTB/ Hybrid/ Road.
Bike size.
Current Mkt price:
Free Accessories:
Your phone number if you like
Reason for selling
Bike condition
How many gears?/ Mention of disc brakes if any
Bike specs link

When your item is sold comment SOLD! And please share photo of you handing the cycle to the buyer in the SOLD items album in the photos of CYCLOP.

If it is not a sale please don’t post a photo.. you can use link.. as photos are to be only of sales. Also since it is an all-India group please refrain from posting stuff that is interesting locally only.. like ride from x road to y road in z city on f day.

Finally, CYCLOP can delete ANY post without discussion. The right to delete is reserved. Discussion, if and buts come later. Depending on the content being deleted the poster may also be removed from group without explanation.

And if people post junk as sale it will be deleted as we wish to offer a certain level of quality to users. This is up to admin, no explanations.

Disguised advertisement, links to any marketplaces, spammy posts, promos, and ads for new bikes by shop-owners irrelevant to the buying/selling of cycles/gear, offensive language like ***** & ******** will be deleted in order to maintain the holy sanctity of second-hand commerce.

Cylop is free to use, reuse any pic or words (comments, posts etc) that you post here. For example using your pic in case you win anything and are being declared winner.

All discussions will only happen on CYCLOP’s wall. Personal msgs to admin will not be responded to at all because then admin will have no life.

Happy riding!

– Malvika Jain (Creator)
– Andy, Charanjeet, Anup (admin)

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