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Lingana Adventure Batch 1

Christmas Special outing

Lingana Panorama

Lingana is an obscure fort near the famous Torna fort in Pune district. Being a difficult fort it is visited by only few trekkers and that too very few trekkers manage to reach top. The technical expertise needed to climb the fort is not available with everyone.

TREKDI brings you the ultimate adventure experience at Lingana fort. In this adventure we will be doing a valley crossing cum flying fox activity from Railing plateau to Linagana cave which measures over 1000ft. This route looks over a valley of depth having height aprrox twice of its length. After this we do a climbing of about 500 ft to reach to summit of Lingana fort. After that we half rappel down and half trek down over 1500ft to reach COL of Lingana and then trek back to Singapur village.

Date :

21st-22nd Dec 2012

Duration : 2 D
Difficulty Level : 5 (Hard)
Endurance Level :
3 (Medium)
Please check following link to learn more about difficulty and endurance grades

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