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Nature Sound 26 – Inochino hajimari / Kodouno Umi by Joe Okuda

Monday, January 7th, 2013 | mumbaihikers | Inspire

Nature Sound 26 – Inochino hajimari / Kodouno Umi by Joe Okuda

This is the nature sound 26 by Joe Okuda on K-MUSICLIFE Channel. Joe Okuda is amazing Nature Sound Artist in Japan. This is relaxing nature sound. This is relax sound you can absolutely relax from this music/sound. Nature Sound has so many series. please check other series.

This is only nature sounds video.

Photo By Yuta Konishi

Nature Sound 26はジョー奥田さんの作品をアップロードさせていただきました。この自然の音は2つのパート、Inochino hajimari / Kodouno Umiでできています。今後はこの自然の音も販売していく予定ですのでお楽しみに。K-MUSICLIFEでは自然音のプレイリストも公開していますので是非ご覧なってください。

Joe Okuda Profile:
Born in Osaka in 1954, currently based in Los Angeles and Tokyo.
Utilizing the Neumann Binaural Microphone and state of the art digital recording equipment, Joe Okuda records exquisite sounds of nature from around the world. Using these nature sounds as a foundation for his projects, and with his producing and engineering background, he creates a comprehensive world of nature.
Joe’s projects were conceived from his feelings of desperation to capture and preserve the sounds of nature in our environment that are constantly being threatened by extinction and to bring forth environment awareness to all.
As a witness to the slowly vanishing beauty of nature, Joe Okuda takes initiative in documenting and archiving these sounds to be passed onto the next seven generations.

1954年10月23日 生まれ
自然音録音家 / ネィチャーサウンドアーティスト


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