The Sahyadri Companion trekking guide book


The book by Young Zingaro Club is a comprehensive guide to everyone intending to pursue trekking, rock climbing.
The book is of its first kind both in English and marathi versions.

All the factors relating to Sahyadris i.e. environment, wildlife, vegetation, bird-life tourism are well described with their characteristics.

The book comprises of various forts and caves bifurcated according to regions like plateau, hilly areas, peaks, konkan both north and south. All the forts are well described with proper approaches, spots to see, maps and amazing photographs.

The book has three sub booklets which gives us information on rock climbing, First aid and the time tables of the bus reaching the nearest place of the spot. All the booklets are also worth carrying along with to the visit.

Maps of various forts also helps us to know the area and spots to be seen on it. The pinnacle section specifically mentions about the various pinnacled forts and mountains in sahyadris and are graded for their difficulty levels and aided by the equipments required.


Trek the Sahyadris
गड किल्ले महाराष्ट्राचे
सांगाती सह्याद्रीचा


Author: Harish Kapadia

Trek the Sahyadris – Harish Kapadia – Google Books

This is a Sahyadri classic. For many years, this was the only book of its kind. My copy of this book, as can be seen in the photo on the left, has been worn down extensively due to usage over the years, which includes taking it on numerous hikes and lending it to many hikers. It covers the entire Sahyadri range and also has a section on rock climbing. When one tries to squeeze in the vast number of Sahyadri peaks into about 120 pages, details suffer. Dont use this book alone for directions! (Price: Rs 18 in 1979, Publishers: The Mountaineers, 72 Vijay Apartments, 16 Carmichael Road, Mumbai 400026)


Authors: Young Zingaro (YZ) Trekking Group

If you want details, this is the book for you. I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into creating this enormous compilation of Sahyadri sites. Colour illustrations are present in almost every page, which include detailed maps of regions. The book includes supplements on rock climbing, first aid and a bus-train timetable. Comprising of 280 pages of text and illustrations in two-column format, this is probably the most detailed Sahyadri book currently in existence. (Price: Rs 750 in 2000, Publisher: Mohan Gowilkar, Sahyadri Prakashan, 49, Karel Wadi, Thakurdwar, Mumbai 400002)

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