Mumbai Musafirs biking expedition to Silvassa 13-14th April 2013

Its April and with the sun being unmerciful, we would settle for a short ride to unwind – about 175 kms one way from Mumbai. On 13-14th April we ride to Silvassa and stay at the Silvassa Tourism property on the banks of the Madhuban water reservoir. This ride will be very relaxing and the bonfire along with the company of Musafirs would make it a perfect weekend getaway for a biker, his machine and his better half/ close friend. This ride would be have the Musafirs coming face to face with the Lions at the Lion Safari and if conducive, we could also visit the Satmaliya Deer Park.

Assembly at Eternity mall would be at 4:45 and the ride would begin at 5.00 AM. The second assembly at Fountain Hotel on the NH8 would be at 5:45 AM.

Riding with the Musafirs requires biking discipline and punctuality. The NH8 is an open highway and the temptation to break formation and ride haphazardly is too high. But it takes real control, discipline and temperament to prove your mettle by riding in the designated straight line formation at the designated speed.
Mumbai Musafirs is NOT a Boyz-Only Riders Club. Female riders/pillions are welcome. Our female crew member – Sharmishta and numerous other female Musafirs would be there to keep company throughout the trip.

Fees: Rs 1850/- Includes Acco (multiple sharing), Breakfast, Meals, Breakdown Vehicle, Entry Fees for the safari and sightseeing and Parking… Booking amount: 500/- (Once bitten…twice shy – Hence kindly do not request slot confirmation without transferring the booking amount)

To join the ride:
– Call the crew on the below numbers to check for slot availability.
– Transfer the booking amount @ Nishan Chandran, ICICI bank. Ac No 039301508865. ONLY mention YOUR NAME in the ‘transaction remarks’ tab while making the transfer – DO NOT mention names like Mumbai Musafirs/ride/nicc or any other name except yours or the person you are transferring for. Details for internet transfer: CIBD branch, Backbay reclamation, Churchgate. The IFSC code is ICIC0000393. Note the transaction ID.
– Following the transfer, fill the registration form on the link
– Just clicking on the attending button does not confirm your slot.

Current status: The ride is currently open for Musafirs and Friends of The Musafirs. Bikes of every make that can clock 80kmph constantly are allowed. Please get your bikes serviced at least a week before the ride so that you know if there is anything amiss with the servicing. Also, fill your fuel tanks before joining the group at the assembly point to avoid any delays.

Last Date for Cancellation: On or before 5th April, 2013 (No cancellations/adjustments possible for registrations done after 5th April)

Lets ride… lets enjoy… lets BE A MUSAFIR

Crew, Mumbai Musafirs
Nicc – 9819 897 843
Shona – 9821 178 718

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