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OLCA Riders initiative – SAVE THE LOKHANDWALA LAKE – 13th April, 2013

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OLCA Riders initiative – SAVE THE LOKHANDWALA LAKE – Join us on 13th April, 2013 for an environmental cause. Share with friends and come there in large numbers to show the community strength to the authorities. We are planning our next Cycling event soon for the same cause.


Please take out time to come and join our social cause of cleaning the Lake – Save the Lake -Mr. Sunjoy Monga an authority on Birds and who has written books on Birds of India will be addressing the audience.
Will highly appreciate if you could promote this amongst our cyclist friends, as we are working towards making this Lake one of the only Birding sites in city. The variety of birds which we have seen last Sunday will really excite any Birding enthusiast.
Purple Swamphen
Blue Ibis
Glossy Ibis
Moore Hens
Black coot with white beak
Pond heron
Bronze winged zacana
Ashy Prinia
White breasted kingfisher
Intermediate egret
Wooden Sandpiper
Pied Starling




… The unique Lokhandwala freshwater lake is nestled between the mangroves in the Lokhandwala Oshiwara area. This lake is a jewel in the urban landscape and as you have seen it has various aquatic birds and a large diaspora of life that include snakes like pythons, russell’s vipers etc and mammalian species like jackals(have been witnessed in the lake area), all these species protected under the Wildlife protection Act, 1972.

There is an urgent need to protect this lake by de silting and restoring the lake so as to preserve its natural beauty and in the past few months, citizens , along with the MCGM, Collector and Tehsil’s office have held joint site meetings and discussed these urgent steps to be taken well before monsoons starting from January 2013, but these steps are yet to be taken by the authorities despite their commitment:-

1. De-silting of the lake by dredging it so that it can be deepened by at-least 8 feet more taking the total depth of the lake to 16 feet throughout the lake except for natural islands on it.
2.Putting chain link fencing around the lake so that illegal debris and garbage dumping does not take place into the natural vegetation around the lake.
3. Denotifying the lake as a visarjan point. As already discussed MCGM has confirmed that it will not allow any visarjan at the lake in the future due to environmental factor as the artificial pond was highly successful with almost 1200 Ganeshji immersions and less than 20 Ganeshji immersions at the lake.
4.Existing plants and vegetation protected around the lake during the desilting and dredging activity so that it does not disturb wildlife.


Oshiwara Lokhandwala area is one of the most sought after localities in Mumbai city. Highly successful citizens, in industries ranging from entertainment to industry have made it their base. But the gems of the area that stand out are the mangroves that run around the area like a crown. These mangroves literally breathe life into the area and are a home to a vast array of plant and animal life. These forests have ensured that the area is always 2-3 degrees cooler than the rest of Mumbai. Further the citizens of the area noticed that during the 26/7 deluge, the water did not stagnate in the area and immediately drained into the mangroves. School children and residents of the area could get home in few minutes, whereas in other areas if Mumbai people and children were stranded for almost 24 hours.

The citizens of the area began to realise that though the area had abundant natural wealth, it was being destroyed at a rampant pace to pave way for concrete structures. A picture of contrast was struck when one compared the general influence of the citizens in the area to the deteriorating conditions of the open spaces and mangroves. This is the time it was realised that the citizens of such a vast area must come together under a forum to protect and enhance their mangroves and open spaces. The citizens realised that they had to pass on to the next generation, a legacy of spaces for leisure and play and a green legacy.

Citizens of the area had begun to ask questions on how 500 acres of mangroves behind Millat Nagar backroad and other pieces of mangrove forest lands were allowed to be destroyed in the area. This blatant destruction stands out like a loud burnt scar. The citizens felt that something important to the community as a whole is being taken away from them and something had to be done.

Projects so far:-

1. Protection of mangroves by stopping their burning and dumping of debris on them and co-ordination with both government authorities and using legal remedies for the protection of mangroves and restoration of destroyed mangroves.
2. Setting up of an artificial immersion pond for Ganpatiji visarjan and 1200 visarjans took place here and hence diverted from the lokhandwala lake and other water bodies.
3. Protection of open spaces like playgrounds.
4. Regular joint meetings with police department and other agencies for general safety and security of the area and coordination on civic issues
5. Cleaning of periphery and banks of Lokhandwala lake

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