Explanation posted by Safe Climbing Initiative through my personal account due to technical restrictions of facebook.

•Safe Climbing Initiative (SCI) will never like to have an apology from those who hold the ability to show mistakes. It just want it to be conveyed in a right manner. It takes tremendous efforts to establish and run a non-commercial organization like SCI. Before making allegations against such organization, one should always take into consideration the possible circumstances and background for a particular event. Instead of creating problems, always learn to solve them.

•As per the famous dictum ‘Nobody is perfect’, Safe Climbing Initiative never pretends to be a perfect organization. From the given post of ‘Unsafe Climbing Initiative’, it can be concluded that there was a mistake of leaving behind an old rusted plate between two bolts. But to know the background behind it also holds equal importance. We are responsible climbers and we share this responsibility towards the future of climbing. During the project, we have taken utmost effort to cut the plate from its position, but the attempt was futile as it was tightly jammed and we were short of any cutting instrument at that time. We apologize for such unresolved issue, but urge to our climbing community to convey such mistakes to SCI which will be considered. But to note in the picture, the commenter himself used SCI bolts which he referred as ‘shitbolts’ in his previous comments. If he himself finds them trustworthy then why he did so much cry against them in previous comments? It looks more of personal grudge towards the organization than a real interest for correction of mistakes.

• Distance between two bolts: According to the UIAA guidelines, distance between two bolts should not be less than 200 mm. However, it was not so at the given site. We like to clarify that we do follow the UIAA guidelines for anchor replacement of climbing route. However, in Sahyadri, the rock-formations are intermixed and sometimes it is difficult to find a quality rock for proper placement. Also, the placement was a necessary belay station according to the previous route line. As per the protocol, we do not change the original line of route. And also, a belay station always needs at least two placements. If we stress our memory a little bit, we should remember an accident on a single bolt from belay station in 2002. So, an onsite decision was taken to put a second bolt at a fair possible distance.

• We always welcome those who have positive suggestions for our projects. But we expect it through a proper channel. Please feel free to convey it directly to us instead of putting it on a social media. The posted remark like ‘unsafe climbing initiative’ is a shameless personal attempt to destroy the reputation earned by the organization over the years of efforts. The goodness of work done should not get overshadowed by such comments. Mistakes are correctable, but reputation needs to be earned. We feel really bad about such incidents because we already tried to contact the concerned commenter for open discussion but there was no reply from him. However, for the reason we never understood, the social media was chosen by him for the defamation of SCI and personal publicity. We cannot tolerate such personal or collected remarks of defamation against our reputed organization on any social media. We condemn such an attempt and if ever it occurs, we will look forward to take a strong and appropriate action against those who are involved.

• SCI is taking many efforts to reach maximum no. of climbers and mountaineers in order to spread awareness regarding overall mountain safety in Sahyadri. We value our sponsores not for their financial support but their keen interest to work for anchor replacement and climbing safety. We conduct monthly meeting on the eve of 28th of every month at Raje Shivaji Climbing Wall, Shivajinagar. Any person with any issues or interested in participation is always welcome to attend the meeting and discuss with the committee members. If it’s not possible to attend, one can always contact through an email at or contact us at+91 94220 28015

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