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Thunderbikes… Keep Riding
At Thunderbikes we encourage group motorcycle rides in Maharashtra. After a great success of our Oct 2012 Tour at Pavana Dam, Feb 13 Tour at Shivthar ghal, Lavasa breakfast ride, Thunderbikes proudly launch their next “Breakfast ride to Sinhagadh”

Breakfast ride concept:
On Weekends, many of us normally have breakfast at home, sitting in front of TV killing those beautiful morning hours.
Our funda is to get up early, start the ride and enjoy the breakfast at quiet place away from the city where you can enjoy some breakfast delicacies
The Agenda is simple – Enjoy the Ride, the Breakfast and Return back to Pune before the summer heat catches us.
March to May is a peak summers hence we are focusing only on the breakfast rides instead of our usual day tours!!!!
So let the sun chase us as we ride through sunrise on the curvy hills to Sinhagadh

Join us if you love to ride or drive!!!!!

Here are the details

DATE – Sunday 28th Apr 2013
TIME – 06:00 AM to 11:30 AM
ROUTE – Pune – Chandani Chawk -Sinhagadh -Pune
TOTAL DISTANCE – Around 65 kms round trip
THE VEHICLE – We are motorcycling enthusiast, but this tour is not only about motorcycles. So if you think biking is not feasible, Bring on your cars, SUV’s.
Includes sections of hills with steep climbs.
COST – We are not charging anything for this rider. Breakfast and tea will be TTMM
Delicious Breakfast options that can be enjoyed at Sinhagadh – Kande Pohe, Bhaji, Taak (butter milk), Pithala Bhakri, Misal Paav, etc
So if you are an explorer, a photographer, an avid biker or a driving enthusiast or someone who is bored with the usual hot spots. If you love to meet people with the passion to travel and want to expand your friend circle further from your office mates and next door neighbours.
Rush and confirm your availability for the Trip before 26th March 13.
For more details visit us as w w w . t h u n d e r b i k e s . i n or call us
Please SHARE/FWD this to your Friends and let them also enjoy the experience.
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