Hello Co-Trekkers!
The monsoon is just picking up and it is quite heartening to see so many new treks lined up for the coming week. But in spite of many of us visiting these places, the amount of information available online regarding the current developments around these spots is dismal. So the idea behind this thread is to update fellow trekkers if:
1. A new facility has opened(homestays, restaurants, provision of guides) which were not present throughout.
2. Waterfalls found in the region are active
3. Restoration work is being carried on or has been completed
4. A new ST service has been started in that region
5. Misc info that you think will help the community
As most of us might be aware that the caves atop Naneghat have been rendered inaccessible by putting metal grills on the entrances. Not knowing this could seriously hamper plans of trekkers who plan to spend the night in the caves. Hence, let us harness the power of community knowledge sharing and add to our trekking experience! Be safe and Happy Trekking!
Rushikesh Kulkarni
Man – in- Charge
Breakfree Journeys
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