mahuli accident 2017

2 tourists die as they imitate the ‘Baahubali jump’ at Mahuli waterfall; police to bar tourists’ entry.

 Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Jul 20, 2017, 07.26 AM IST


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TIP Do not try thing in places you are not sure about

Tragic incident : I went for a trek to Mahuli a village little ahead of Asangaon in Maharashtra with Offbeat yesterday … Hoping to do rappelling for the 1st time… however, fate had something else in store .. we too off in the morning at 7am n reached the rappelling spot by 2pm .. however, one of our friends in his curiosity to enjoy the trek 22 the fullest did something none of us could expect… he slided down a small rivulet flowing from the waterfall 2 a small pond like landing where on one side everybody was safe but the side he was – he got sucked in by the pressure of the water n dint come back up – as if he got flushed into a chamber pot…

Obviously, the trek got cancelled and im told his body was recovered…


माहुली किल्ल्यावर धबधब्यात बुडून एकाचा मृत्यू


Do not try to do things you are not sure about in adventure sports,trekking and ALWAYS follow the instructions of your leader . Good article by Vidyut Gore-Kale on the sad incident and why you should respect nature and the mountains and follow instructions at ALL times http://aamjanata.com/drowning-accident-on-adventure-trip/

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