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Unknown Sahyadri Exploration ….. !! Explored Deepest Gully (Nali or Ghal or Makadnal) of Sahyadri – Katrabaichi Ghal – altitude 4510′ on 5 January 2013. Also explored one ancient route which was used to reach Ratangad via Dehene village. But due to land slide, the steps to reach Ratangad were washout & this route is unused from last 100 years. This is very interesting but tough route from Konkan region. Leader : Arun Sawant, Deputy Leader : Prakash Kelshekar, Team members : Suraj Malusare, Prasad Samant, Zenosh Patel, Kunal Amberkar, Raj Bakre, Shankar Sable, Gopal, Savleram & Bajarang …. रतन गडावर जायला पूर्वी एकूण ३ वाटा होत्या. एक रतनवाडी कडून दुसरी सामरद वरून तर तिसरी खाली कोकणातून डेहेणे वरून. तीनही वाटांच्या शेवटाला पायऱ्या खोदलेल्या आहेत. पैकी डेहेणे वरून येणाऱ्या वाटेवरील पायऱ्या कडा कोसळून नाहीश्या झाल्या व हा रस्ता गेली १०० वर्षांपासून बंद आहे. तिथे आता सरळ सोट भिंत उभी आहे. गावातील म्हातारी माणसे सांगतात की आमच्या लहान पणापासूनच पायऱ्या तुटलेल्या होत्या. त्यांच्या बोलण्यातून ही वाट ‘बारा पायऱ्यांची वाट’ म्हणून ओळखली जायची. तीन वर्षांपूर्वी आम्ही त्या कड्यावरून दोर लावून उतरलो होतो (असे उतरणारे आम्ही पहिलेच होतो). त्या वेळेला कड्याच्या तळाशी मला काही पायऱ्या शाबूत असलेल्या दिसल्या. आता आम्ही ६ जानेवारीला जी वाट शोधून काढली ती हीच खाली कोकणातून डेहेणे वरून येणारी. कोकणातून वर येत असल्या कारणाने चांगलीच दमछाक करणारी …!!


Arun Sawant

Explored Deepest Valley of Sahyadri & reopening 100 yr old route

Its new year 1st week and our quest to search for new path in sahyadri started. Our team (arun sir,prakash sir, kunal , suraj, Zenosh, Raj and 4villagers) started our trek from samrath towards katrabai pass 8 in morning around by 3 pm we reach temple at top it was very easy and enjoyable time with lot of fun aad masti. Real fun started after this point as hence forth we landed on unknown ground where few or no human reached so far.

Initially from temple to reach katrabai top we followed a traditional route and in one odd hour we understood our mistake that when one trying to explore new sky he can not keep on following traditional route. Now it’s time to pay price for our mistake which we shelled out by going trough thick brown grass as result our eyes, throat started itching like anything but with no visible source water we had no other option then to live with that irritation. As old saying “fortune favour the brave” when we where surveying top just by coincidence arun sir found a water in rock which was even impossible to think of and we where as happy as columbus would have been after finding America :P. Its time to set up our camp with freezing temp at night but enthusiasms of entire team turn cold chill night into party night with suraj DJ and arun sir soup and dinner.

Second day morning started with mind blowing views of Kalsubai, AMK, ratangad,etc. views where so amazing that 1 hour passed by like 1 min when returned to base camp breakfast was ready thanks to entire team. With tummy full of food and bag full of water its time to Explored Deepest Gully or Nali of Sahyadri – Katrabaichi Ghal – altitude 4500 feet (approx double the attitude of sandhan vally ) while coming down we faced with 4 small rappling patch of approx 30-40 feet each and last 5th patch of 75 feet. With technical expertise of arun sir and prakash sir it was cake walk to go through all this patch. After 5th patch we spotted a 100 feet virgin pinnacle we called it as RANJAN pinnacle which will surely provide tough challenge for any good rock climber. By the time we crossed this patch sun started to say good bye to us and quest for water once again started this time heroics effort of suraj paid off and found water at 7pm at approx 950 feet altitude after been 11 hours of journey in deepest valley of sahyadri. As per 1st day again its celebration time with nice meal and music.

Its 3rd day morning our last day of exploration. Today’s task was to find and reopen

ancient route which was used to reach Ratangad via Dehene village. But due to land slide, the steps to reach Ratangad were washout & this route is unused from last 100 years. As the route was out of use for many decade there is no visible path due to which using villagers knowledge and general direction sense we started moving up through dense forest, big boulders, kravey and scree. After a fight of nearly 4 hours we mange 2 reach the top where we located route going down which is parallel to route we took and might be actual ancient route. As we reach top of this col took bit of rest and after that walk 2 samrath villages. Our walk back to samrath village finished 4pm approx on our way back we pass through sides of ratangad, ban pinnacle, sandhan valley,…

In all its was most memorable expedition so far made easy by experience and management skill of arun sir. And not to forget excellent team where each team member contributed to his maximum capability which is key for susses.

by Prasad Samant

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