Food Cycle by Night 11th May 2013

Trip code: CycMum/13-14x/06
Scheduled activity: Food Cycle by Night
Destination: Central to South Mumbai
Region: Mumbai
Approx kms from Mumbai: 25
Start date: 11-May-2013
End date: 11-May-2013
No. of days: 1
Confirmation date: 09-May-2013
Meeting place: Matunga Central
Report time: Refer trip document
Route: Refer trip document
Transport: Bicycles
Leader: Jayesh
Hike/Ride Duration/Day: 5-6Hrs
Grade: EasyMore Details
Maximum no. of seats: 12
Price (Rs.): 2000 Price Includes
Gastronomique: A ride to the city’s popular eat-out and street food joints..

…. More details to follow
 call 98690 79802 for more info

Odati Adventures Pvt. Ltd. 17/8, Manish Nagar, JP Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400 053, India
TEL +91 22 2635 3861 MOB+91 9769679802 EMAIL
Suitable clothing for Day Cycling
Shoes & Socks
Light Tee Shirt / shirt
QuickDry material recommended
Half or Full Sleeves (Full sleeves recommended if available, to protect against thorny undergrowth, sunlight, cold winds,
flies and insects
You may want to wear a cycling vest if you have one.
Comfortable Full Pants
Cotton or QuickDry material
Lycra and Cycling shorts are recommended if you have them. However request you to wear shorts or capris over them
to maintain decorum.
Wearing only Capris or Pedal pushers are also fine for beginners and amateurs.
Light Wind Proof may be good for early morning or rainy days of cycling.
Keep a napkin or a small towel handy.
Avoid wearing caps while cycling as they do not fit well under helmets and may also lead to neck pain due to excessive straining
of the head.
Avoid wearing flowing dresses
Avoid wearing a hard leather belts with large / heavy buckles. If necessary wear a fabrics / canvas / nylon strap belt.
Avoid wearing denims as they do not allow you the flexibility while walking and will be a liability to carry if wet.
What you need to get for a Day’s Adventure – (Trekking & Rappelling)
• Back Pack – Mandatory
o At least 15Lts to carry all your belongings.
• Shoes (& Socks)
• Floaters
o You may want to cycle in floaters too. Please call us and understand the ride before you choose to wear ONLY
them for a trip.
• Water bottles – Mandatory
o Hydration Packs are recommended if you have them.
o Carry at least 2Lts of water in sturdy non-disposable bottles to avoid littering in the outdoors.
• Change of Clothes
o You may carry 1 change of clothes in case the ones you ride in get wet or soiled.
o Facility to change clothes at the end of the ride will be arranged with local homes / refreshment point before
your return journey.
o For a day’s ride, you may leave the change of clothes in the car, but at your own risk.
• Torch – Mandatory
o It is mandatory to carry a torch even if it is a day trek as you may get late returning from the trek.
• Mosquito Repellant
o This is a must to keep away mosquitoes & other flying insects while on the ride, if any.
• Sun Block Cream – Mandatory
o At least a 30 SPF is a must to keep away tanning & the adverse effects of sunlight while outdoors.
o Carry this even in monsoons as it is difficult to predict when the sun decides to be out on the trail!
• Light Wind Cheater – Mandatory
o To keep yourself warm on a cold winter days or even windy rides.
• Rain Poncho – Optional
o You may use a waterproof windcheater to beat the rains, but avoid the flowing ones.
• Toiletries
o You may want to carry some basic toiletries like
Soap / facewash
Sanitiser ®
• Sun Glasses
• Cap
• A Small Pen Knife
• Energy Bars / Chocolates
• Plastic bags / ziplocks
o To store away your soiled clothes. Ziplocks are a great protect your valuable gear from rain & the elements.
• Personal Medicines
o As prescribed by your physician (if any)
o Though we provide a full-fledged medical kit, it is advisable to carry a few basics like band aids, Antiseptic
Cream, Paracetamol Tabs, Ibuprofane Tabs, Relispray.
• Loose cash / small money for expenditure on the trail
• Camera – Pack in a ziplock / watertight bag / pouch / bottle to protect it from getting wet & the wear of a trek.
• DO NOT carry lots of money, valuables, expensive electronics, jewellery, lots of Credits Cards, Privilege Cards etc. These
tend to attract locals and as also are liable to get lost / washed away / damaged / soiled / in running water

Odati Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
17/8, Manish Nagar, JP Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400 053, India
TEL +91 22 2635 3861 MOB +91 9769679802 EMAIL
(For all day trips within Mumbai)
All travel & transport from the place of pick-up in Mumbai up to the activity site back to the place of pick-up.
o This includes all forms of transport (hired or public) like train, bus, ferry, auto rickshaws, taxi, share-a-cab,
private car and sometimes non-conventional forms of transport depending on availability.
In case of alterations of plans during the course of the trip, the extra costs of travel (if any) will have to borne
by the participants. Alterations include non-participation by 1 or more individuals who do not wish to continue
the trip or return back to base / start point of the journey.
Typical Meal Formats
o Day Activity Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks (B,L,E)
All Vegetarian (and eggs wherever possible). We provide for main meals along the travel & activities.
While traveling meal stops may vary in grades as available like local restaurants serving local flair or small chai-shops or
available restaurant / hotel serving a spread of meals / snacks.
While at activity site, we serve a variety of packed meals that will suit most tastes.
At least one guide accompanies you for your trip. A typical client to staff ratio is 6:1 but may vary depending upon the
level, type of activity, demands of the activity.
The guide will be well versed with the knowledge of the trail, place, terrain and approaches. He / she will try to best
guide you through your adventure with least of an effort.
Technical support wherever required.
Limited porterage & onsite help to carry group gear if required.
Extra porterage will cost extra depending upon the task, load and the destination, and will have to be borne by the
Use of all gear, wherever required, for the activities. These include:
Rock Climbing: All technical & safety gear
Valley Crossing / River Crossing: All technical & safety gear
Ground sheets wherever required.
Cycling: Bicycles, Gel Filled Seat Cushions & Helmets
First Aid Kits
Service Tax & Education Cess as applicable.
Telephone & other expenses made by participants.
Emergency / medical evacuation if required
Table drinks, other beverages, cigarettes, toiletries etc. incurred by participants.
Any item not included in the “Rate includes” section above

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