Spandan Bhramanti trek to Arnala Sea Fort tour by Mr. Shridatta Raut on 12th May 2013


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Spandan Bhramanti trek to Arnala Sea Fort on 12th May 2013 

Shridatta Raut
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स्पंदन भ्रमंती : 1 day trek to Arnala Sea Fort, Nr. Virar on 12th May 2013, Sunday.

Introduction, Geography & History of Fort:
Type : Sea Fort
Grade: Easier
Location : Nr. VIrar, Vasai Taluka.
Arnala Fort is located at Arnala Islands, which is at a distance of 8 miles north of Vasai in Maharashtra. As it is surrounded on all sides by water, Arnala Fort is also known as ‘Jaldurg’ or ‘Janjire Arnala’. Portuguese called the island “Ilha das vacas”. Arnala Fort is mainly on the north side of Arnala Island. The main entrance is on the northern side, while the fort has broad and strong high walls with three gates.
It is believed that Shivaji built this fort under the leadership of Kanoji Agare. Arnala Fort came under the British control in 1803 after Bajirao II Peshwa signed the infamous Treaty of Vasai. In 1737 when Chimaji Appa began his assault on Bassein (Vasai) to drive out the Portguese, his General Shankarji Pant informed Chimaji that Arnala fort is a strategic for the naval forces that were on route to attack the Portguese. Chimaji approved the assault on the fort. Shankarji Pant consulted and sought assistance of the local people to attack the Arnala fort; among them were Govindji Kasar and Gavraji Patil from Bolinj. Shankarji sent Gangaji Naik, Bajirao Belose and Rayajirao Surve to lead a battalion of 400 soldiers to lead the attack on Arnala fort. This attack was coordinated along with naval force commanded by Manaji Agre. Maratha navy was no match for the Portuguese firepower. Agre’s navy was routed.
Places to See :
The fort is approximately rectangular in shape and is being protected by continuous and strong ramparts having a height of about 10 meters. The bastions are in good condition even today. There are three entrances to the fort out of which the main entrance is on the north side. At both sides of this entrance there are two big bastions. On the arc of this entrance nice carvings can be seen and on both sides an elephant and a tiger are carved. These indicate the strength of the ruler of the fort. On the main entrance a lithograph is seen. From the lines of the lithograph we can understand Bajirao Peshwa reconstructed that fort. Inside a fort there are temples of ‘Tryambakeshwar’ and ‘Bhavani Mata’. In front of ‘Tryambakeshwar Mahadev’ temple is a nicely built octagonal lake. Inside the fort, wells of drinking water are available. On the way towards main entrance, there is a temple of ‘Kalikamata’. If we see the fort from the beach we see a bastion to the left, which is apart from the fort. There is a small entrance to enter it. It takes about two hour to see the fort completely. We can view the surroundings while walking on the strong rampart of a fort. From the projection above the main entrance we can see the fort completely.
Ø  Prominent historian of “Kille Vasai Mohim” Mr. Shridatta Raut will accompany us on this tour. He will guide and speak on below points throughout the tour.

1. History of Arnala Fort.
2. Monuments in fort.
3. Role of Arnala Fort in Chimaji Appa’ s Vasai Campaign .

The itinerary for the Trek is as follows:
Meeting point & time:
  • 7.35 AM @ Virar Railway Station.
  • Catch 06.08 AM Virar Down Fast Local at the convenient station. Timings are as follows 
06:08 AM
06:18 AM
06:25 AM
06:54 AM
07:31 AM
  • Kalyan- Dombivali trekkers may catch 1682 Down Dombivali – Boisar passanger at :
05:35 AM
05:45 AM
07:05 AM
  • Breakfast at Virar
  • Move to Arnala Village by Local Transport 
  • Travel by Ferry till Arnala Island Fort.
  • Reach Arnala Fort by 9am
  • Explore the Fort
  • Lunch Break
  • Return Back to Arnala Village by Ferry at 5pm
  • Reach Virar Staion by 6pm
  • Reach Mumbai by 8pm
Contribution: Rs. 200/-
  1. Transport from Virar to Virar by public transport,
  2. Arnala Ferry boat charges
  3. Morning breakfast & Evening Tea.
  4. Expertise Charges.
 1.  Rail ticket.
     2.  Lunch, Coldrinks, mineral water, etc.
 3.  Anything not mentioned herein.
Things to carry:
1)   3/4 pants or half pants
2)   Sandals, chappals.
3)   Lunch of the day
4)   Some ready to eat food, dry snacks, biscuits, cakes, etc.
5)   Water bottle min.3 Ltrs
6)   Cap/hat/goggles (Prevent from sun)
7)   Return ticket of Virar
8)   Extra cloths.
9)   Personal medicines (if reqd).
10)A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.

Special Notes:
1)   Please carry Lunch for the day as there is no food arrangement on fort.
2)   If possible wear ¾  pants or half pants to avoid getting wet while getting up & down from in boat
3)   Do not wear shoes, as it will get wet while getting up & down from in boat.
4)   Registration through phone calls only
5)   Avoid wearing gold ornaments and valuables.
For confirmation please contact

Mr. Kumar Gaudse: 9870577761 or
Mr Santosh Kanse – 9833660650
Mr. Abhijit Deshpande – 9820579977
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