Solastica Solar USB Charger

Brand / Manufacturer: Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Ltd.

MRP: Rs.3499/-

Solastica, a new consumer brand from Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Ltd., aims to bring you the highest quality power products at affordable prices.


The Solastica Solar USB-charger is the most light-weight and portable charging device for mobile and smart phones. It is made from the same light-weight, flexible, thin-film, CIGS material employed in our product suite.
Key Features
* Portable light-weight mobile charging solution
* Can charge both basic and select smart phones
* Separate battery pack available via Solastica Personal Power Pack or Solastica Tögglite
* Sunrise to sunset charging capability
Key Specifications
* Ideal solar charging device for batteries of basic/smart phones, MP3 players
* Charging time between 3 to 4 hours for standard mobile devices
* Ideal for charging mobile devices with 5V DC input
Key Benefits
* Extend battery charge time or add more talk time
* Green energy source on the go

Contact: +91 9975569990 / 020-64000482

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