How to choose a trekking group?A good questions was asked  on another thread.
 Choose a event you like. Then check the lists below.
Choosing a group is like choosing the right ice cream for you . Everyone’s choice is different .
Some trekkers join a group for the first time and bond so well with that group that they do not trek with any other group .
Some trekkers like to trek with different types of groups and enjoy the company of all the groups
Some trekkers join treks and then after a number of treks with experienced trek groups . Form their own small groups and do easy treks by themselves.
Before you start
1) If you have not trekked before ,have leg /knee pain by waking or climbing , feel out of breath after climbing stairs ,are above 40 yrs
a) Consult your doctor and after tests ask the doctor if you should do treks
b) If the doctor gives you an all clear . Try out easy treks (Grade easy . Again google and do research on the distance of the trek ,the terrain(slope,boulders,etc )
C) The most important factor is your must be confident and want to try it.
Ways to choose a group
1) Ask your friends who have trekked about their experiences with the groups they trekked with. Feedback from friends give frank feedback about their experience (good and bad ) is a good way to choose your first trek event. again just because your friend liked the group does not mean you may like the experience (we are all different in your abilities and comfort levels)
2) Google the group .
a) See how many treks they have done .
b) Check out their facebook groups and read the experiences
b) Phone the trek leader and ask all your doubts and be satisfied that all your questions were answered
Questions like
Is this trek suitable for a first timers
I am X yrs old will this trek be suitable (esp if the trek says grade hard or medium and you have not trekked before)
c) Take an informed decision .


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