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Planning to stock your bike for the monsoons

Friday, June 14th, 2013 | mumbaihikers | Uncategorized
Planning to stock your bike for the monsoons…bad idea… but if you have to do it, here is what to do:
Step 1: Drain your fuel tank, remove it, put 100 ml engine oil, roll it. Petrol is acidic and will corrode the tank. The film of oil will prevent oxidation hence prevent corrosion.
Step 2: Mix grease/vaseline with petrol, take a painting brush… and poore bike pe maar de. This will again create a film on the bike thus prevent rusting.
Step 3: Unplug the battery terminals and apply vaseline on both terminals and the connectors.
Step 4: Keep the bike elevated on the centre stand such that the tyres do not touch the ground because, the tyres will gradually defalte and the rubber will get disfigured and break.
Step 5: Spray WD40 on all buttons and lubricate the chain.

After Monsoons: Take the battery to an authorised battery shop to charge it, Drain the oil in the tank, fit the tank, check tyre pressure, connect the battery terminals, fuel up, start engine, engage gear, revv, ride… No khit khit… no much much.

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