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DurgaMitra Indpependence Day Special Trek to Visapur and Bhaje Caves On 15 August 2013 with DurgMitra,Dombivali

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Hello Friends once again DurgaMitra,Dombivali Presents,
… Another trek. Another place and this time it’s going to Visapur Fort
*Main Aim– To Celebrate Independece Day In Trekking Way..*
DurgMitra glad to Celebrate Independence Day on Fort
More about the destination:
Type : Hill forts
**In case you guys are carrying Digi-cam or Cell phone carry enough stock of small poly thin bags, to protect it from moisture.** 
The following are the details of the trek.
Date———- Wed, 15th Augast 2013.
Location—– Visapur Fort.
Difficulty Level–Easy.
Time taken to ascend—- 1.30 Hrs.
Expence : 150/- Rs.
* This includes :
Morning Breakfast 
and Evening Snacks 
Meeting Point :
For Pune people Meeting Point is Malvali Station at 8.30am 
#Please buy your ticket for Malvali station
1.*LUNCH (Must)*
1.a. Water (Mandatory).
2. Cap / Gog.(optional)
3. Extra pair of clothes.(optional)
4. Good footwear.(Mandatory) 
5. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet befor & after the trek) (optional)
6. Personal small medical kit. (if u require usually/Optional)
7. Electral/Tang powder.
8. Wind Cheater.
9. Other things as per your choice.
10.haversack to put all these things.
*Terms and Conditions:-
1) If the Entry is being cancelled in the course of the Program, the decision of returning
the Fees will be handled completely by the Durgmitra.
2) Drinking Liquor and Smoking are Strictly Prohibited.
3) Total care will be taken by the Durgmitra but they will not be responsible for any sudden illness or Natural Calamities.
If the participant is under any type of Medical Treatment then kindly mention it over the form.Also keep the Medicines Handy.Carry Valuables at your own risk, Durgmitra,Dombivali will not be responsible in case of Loss.
DurgMitra, Dombivali welcomes you all.
So first you do get registered yourself as the last date is 14th August, 2013
**For More Details 
Please Contact :
Abhijeet Ajgolkar : 9664760986
Pratik Patil : 9664288699 / 9028378842
Phulaji Bhoir : 9029670345 
You Can Follow this Blog : http://durgmitradombivali.blogspot.in/
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