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Leadership and Real Life Skills Adventure 13 Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Details of Camps
Location: In Karnataka/Goa – Dandeli forest /Jog falls / Magod falls & Goa. Maharashtra: Koyana Backwaters /Mahableshwar & Diveagar coastal. .Madhya Pradesh: Pachmarhi /Bhedghat /Kanha area. ………………………….Kerala: Munnar / Thekkedy / Vyathiri area……………………
Duration /dates: Four nights & Five days, starting each camp from Sunday afternoon to Thrusday afternoon
(Deepavali-Christmas & Summer Holidays)
Activities: for 04 Nights and 05 days camp
1. Night Navigational trails
2. Rock climbing –basic level
3. Rappelling – climbing down skills
4. Valley crossing or river or lake crossing
5. Zip line or flying fox.
6. Jummaring
7. Commando walk
8. Rope Beam balance
9. Wilderness cooking
10. Night survival workshop -24 hrs in forest (On their own)
11. Disaster Management workshop
12. Camp fire
13. Lots of fun games with friends
14. Air Rifle shooting
15. Archery workshop.
16. Visit to surroundings fort or Natural wonders or Heritage.
17. Swimming skills (with experts support-Optional)
If the parents are ready / students participation cross more than 150 then ‘ Lifetime chance to have “Hot Air Ballooning rides – first time in India in any summer adventure camps for kids……
With just Rs.1000/- per head – at extra cost!

Very good tasty / unlimited – veg food with non veg option.
Staying in Imported tents 01 night / 01 night in wilderness survival without tents and 03 nights in AC rooms in multisharing.
Travel by 50 seater bus from Pun or Bangalore to camp locationa and back.

Cost (sorry) Investment factor:
a) Cost for food/accn/Transport (multisharing)
– Rs. 4800-per head
b) Cost for Adventure /Training /safety –Rs. 2700/- per head
c) Cost (Misc ) towards recci/first aid –Rs. 0250/- per head
d) Only 10% towards our Honorariu — Rs. 0750/- Per Head
TotalCost: Rs. 8500/- per head.
1. Participation by selection& not by choice –first time in India
Because this camp is planned only for would be Born Leaders!

2. Location is so Pure / Virgin and Unexplored so reserved only for wildlife — so no permissions to build any toilet or constructions. Only temporary toilets will be provided subject to proper usage and hygiene maintenance by kids
3. Registration to be completed by paying 100% non refundable advance by April-01,
4. Cheques / DD’s to be drawn on “29028 Adventure World”only.
5. First aid will be provided and Doctors on call. But our Commando Instructors are well experienced in using medicinal plants that is much more effective and proven in emergencies.
6. Safety is first priority because we always work on “Precaution is better than Cure Policy” but you have to be ready for some brushes / scratches in case you do masti unlimited!
7. No mobile phones / no music gadgets / no negative attitude.
8. Safety of personnel belongings like Cameras etc will be sole responsibility of kids.

What to Bring?
Personnel clothing – comfortable/cotton – minimum 03 sets
Extra sets of undergarments / socks and hankies
Sun cap / windproof & waterproof jacket /sun goggles etc
Two thick bed sheets / one air pillow.
Personnel toilet kit
Personnel medicine kit – if required.
Good focused torch with new cells & extra pair of cells
Diary with Pen.
Camping slipper or sandal
Good Rubber sole shoes but shoes are must.
One piece of cotton rope –length of 2 meters.
One Tiffin box to carry pack food during survival workshops.
One haversack to carry above items and 1 small sack.
Water bottles – minimum 2 ltr capacity or 1 ltr – 2 bottles.
Some snacks / biscuits if required to eat during rest time.
& Positive Attitude…….

Please confirm your seat to whom you are gifting this camp as a tool to Lead the Life like Leader….

Jayant29028@yahoo.com; jayant29028@gmail.com

Website: www.29028adventureworld.com

Cell: 9823129439 – Jayant Dofey

D-10, Shivnagari, Behind Ekalavya Polytech, Kothrud
Pune 0411038

Mr. —————-
Vibgour School, Baner

Thanks and waiting for you kids!
Jayant Team 29028

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