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Pune Venturers Monsoon Treks schedule June – July 2014

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IT IS A TREKKING CLUB OFFICE. Details contact 020-64104865

Contact Person:
Mr. S. K. Patil
Telephone: 9923 009 332
Mr. V. G. Modak
Telephone:9850 502 687
Registered Office:
TATA Motors Colony
Pimpri Pune – 411018
Telephone: 020-64104865
Email: puneventurers@gmail.com
Office Timing: Monday 3-7 PM
Time really flies & flies like super sonic planes. It was January 1980 a group of Telco employees went out to Junnar. That trek was great fun and so they decided to continue going on treks at every possible opportunity. They generated considerable interest in others and finally a band of 30 people with similar interest met at Saras Baug and decided to do something constructive about trekking. A working committee was elected at this 1st meeting and thus the genesis of this club “Pune Venturers” got under way.
The constitution was framed with the help of other seasoned mountaineers. The obvious question was, why form a new trekking club when Pune already boosted of many such trekking clubs? The answer was rather simple. All those clubs went out on Sundays while it was Thursday holiday for men working in industries. On the 1st of May 1980 the Pune Venturers formally came into existence. Their first trek that very month was to Fort Torna. Slowly the group increased in strength and popularity. Difficulties were seen for scaling forts requiring climbing expertise. Members were sent for Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses, Methods of Instruction, Search and Rescue at well known Himalayan Mountaineering Institutes.
The 1st major landmark was achieved in November 1981, when 11 members successfully scaled the Lingana pinnacle (the Matterhorn of Maharashtra). Pune Venturers spread their wings away fro sahayadris to Himalayan expeditions. In September 1982 the 1st Himalayan expedition to peak Rudugaira (5819 m) in the Gangotri region was organised.
Some of our achievements:
Trans-Sahayadri Expedition (30 Nov. 1983 – 4 Jan 1984): Nashik to Goa, 40 days, approx 40 forts, 09 members, through the main Sahyadri range.
Coastal Trek: (27 Dec. 1984 – 13 Jan 1985): Mumbai to Goa, 16 days, 14 forts, 8 temples, 600 kms, 09 members.
Himalayan Expeditions/ : Rudugaira (5819 m); Gangotri III (6577 m); Saifee (6167 m); Thelu (6000 m); Kotheshwar (6035 m); Jogin III (6577 m); Swargarohini III (6209 m); Kamte (7756 m); Kedarnath (6659m); Bhagirathi II (6512 m). Kalindi (6102 m)
The high-altitude treks (HATP): Gochla Pass (Sikkim); Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal); Har-ki-doon, Yamnotri Pass and a few more in Manali upper ranges.
Rock Climbing Expeditions: BAAN (810 Ft.), KATALDHAR (750 Ft.), WANARLINGI (390 Ft.), NANA-CHA-ANGATHA (370 ft.), LINGANA (2100 Ft.), KALAKRAI (260Ft.), BHAIRAVGAD (410Ft.), DUKES NOSE (800 Ft.), TAIL-BAILA (350 ft), VAJEER (250 Ft.), KATE’S POINT (180Ft.), SHIVNERI KADELOT (225 Ft.), Bhatoba, karnala, hadbichi shendi
Open Activity (for General Public): Lingana, Telbaila, Bhavani Kada, River Crossing, Shivneri Kadelot, etc.
Children & Family Treks, Coastal Treks
Rescue Operations
Social Work: Tree Plantation, Cleaning of water tanks, etc.
Basic Adventure Course: 80 courses, over 5500 individuals have undergone the course.
To help, assist, encourage, popularize, promote, sponsor, support and organize all sorts of mountaineering activities.
To acquire knowledge, create love and care for countryside and our Historic monuments/sites.
To collect, compile and publish info concerned with mountaineering, scenic beauty and historic significance
To organize training courses, arrange lectures and exhibitions on mountaineering, wild life, water management, etc.
To build in confidence, interest, etc. in the minds of young generation.

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