Rugged Sahyadri 3 Adventure Race 20th, 21st September 2014

Participants will pedal & trek through gut wrenching uphill’s, dangerous downhill’s, village back roads, thick vegetation, jeep tracks, single track muddy trails and savor real mountain biking.

This race is a team event, where every team will consist of 2 participants (except for the mix category of 3 participants). Race will be categorized in school, amateur, college and open category. The school & amateur category will end their race on day 1 & other category will continue on day 2. Adventure enthusiast will ride through uncharted interiors, hike through deep forests, soak in the sun, enjoy rain and experience foggy nature all around.

This is no cycling tour, its a self support adventure race!
Ride the Rugged Sahyadri and experience the thrill!

Akash Korgaonkar
Kolhapur Adventure Sports Association(KASA)
Achalanant Bunglow,
New Palace Area,
Chhatrapati Park,
Raman Mala,
City: Kolhapur
Postal Code: 416002
Akash 9096379883
Phone: +91.9890193229

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