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Backpackers pune Star Gazing Event scheduled on Saturday, 31st Jan 2015

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Dear Friends,

So Finally we are going for Star Gazing in one Farm house (about 40 kms from pune in back side of Sinhagad) on Saturday 31st Jan 2015. And the details of the program me are as follows.

On 31st Saturday at 7 p.m., Gathering at Chaturshringi Temple base, Senapati Bapat Road (There is 24 hours parking with watchman and gate for two Wheeler as well as four Wheeler at this Chaturshringi Temple base)  and then proceed combindly   towards Farm house in a hired vehicle ( size of vehicle depends on no. of participants). Those who wants to come in their own vehicle should also  join at this same starting point with their own vehicle. Reaching to Farm House at around 9.30 p.m., Dinner, Whole night Star Gazing event with three Experts in that field with two Telescopes of 5 inches, fitted on Stand and with one Binocular(The Experts are having the experience in this field of 15 years and they had worked with Organization Akashmitra). Two times Tea in the night, On 1st Feb Sunday Morning, Break fast after 6 a.m.and then Dispersal to your destination.

In Farm house, We will provide you two big proper halls (separately for Males and Females). It is expected that you should participate into the event through whole night. But if you want to sleep for some time, this provision is there. There are 3 Clean Washrooms provided for us in the Farm house. We will provide you the Dinner, Break fast, two times Tea in the night, Drinking water, Shelter (two halls as stated), First aid box will also be there but can not provide you anything for sleeping like Pillow, Mat, Bed Sheet etc. That you have to bring your own.

Things to carry – Battery torch with two pair of cells per head, Should wear shoes (Sandals and chappals are not advised), one liter drinking water bottle per head, Sweater, Jacket etc. for protection from cold, Carry mat, bed shit, air plow etc. (if you want), Medicines if you are taking regularly, tissue  paper, one pair of cloths (optional) , dry food  for chewing (optional), Odomos tube etc.


It will be 1200 Rs. per head which includes all food arrangement  explained above, participation in event with Experts (but excludes transport)  plus 400 to 450 Rs. per head (variation is due to actual number of participants and capacity of vehicle) as transport expenses, if you are coming with us in a hired vehicle. Contribution will be only 1200 Rs. per head if you are coming by your own vehicle.

You have to deposit Rs. 1600 per head in to the following account till maximum late 27th Jan 2015 and if you are arranging your own vehicle,Rs.1200 per head in the same account and till same date. Account details are as follows.



A/C No. 0490102000010122

IFSC Code – IBKL 0000490

Please send me sms with your name and names of other participants (if you are accompanied by the participant or participants other than you)  and total amount transferred by you on my mob no. 9881831122 after making online transfer by yourself.

Note – Success of such event to some extent, depends on weather condition.  So if due to weather condition, if suppose we can not perform Star Gazing for whole night, we will enjoy the party with born fire and few in door and out door games. Such provision will be there. But such possibility is very rare.

So keep the 31st Jan night free for participating into this event. Make RSVP here and convey me on my mob no. also, about your confirmation in this event, total no.of other participants with you, if you are accompanied by the participant or the participants other than you  and whether you are coming by your own vehicle or joining to us in a hired vehicle. For any clarification, call me on 9881831122.


I had posted this event on meetup and had also sent common mail about that. I had few queries about this event and about the activities of this group etc. And by this mail, I am trying to answer few FAQs and queries, doubts etc. particularly of many newly joined members in large number.

First point about participation of Girls in this event and in other events of this group particularly in night stay event and about the security of Girls in camp site, Farm House etc.

There are many Girls who had participated in many outdoor activities of this group including the night camping outdoor events, previously. And there was no problem of any sort related to this in last at least 50 outdoor events out of total more than 100 previous events of this group.You can counter check it by going through previous out door events, in that comments of participants about event, snaps of previous events. We are taking every care regarding security of the girls in Camp site. We are having one lady Co organizer of this group, Amruta, who is personally looking into this matter. In fact it was also happened many a times that number of participant Girls was more than number of Participant Boys. So that time we were making jokes like, now the security is required to Boys from Girls (just a Joke)

Second point, Authenticity of the Group like whether the event declared is actually happening or not, Arrangement during any outdoor event, Security of the Advance paid for event in a declared bank account etc.

Answer for this is same. You can check it by going through previous out door events, in that comments of participants about event, snaps of previous events. Till now in last two years from March 2013, we had organized many one day trips, night stay trips, treks, Adventure Sport activities like over night trek, Bike Ride, Para Gliding, Scuba diving, Water rafting, Water Fall Rappelling etc. All these events, you can find in previous events of our group on Meetup sight.

For any more clarification on this matter, please call me on 9881831122.


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