Krishna River Camp Wai  Maharashtra
“Krishna River Camp” is a camp-site at Wai on the banks of the river
Krishna. Wai is enroute Panchgani 250kms from mumbai and 85kms from
Pune. Krishna River camp is born with the aspiration of the founder
“Milan Wadkar” to live with the Mother Nature and far from the chaotic
city life. This is the ideal plan everyone dreams for, and a quick
break over a weekend to savor is a no brainer. Hence we at Krishna
River Camp wish to bestow this opportunity to our guest through
adventure camping in the midst of their busy schedule. Additionally
the scenic beauty of Wai will simultaneously enable them to taste the
flavor of rural culture, Dairy Farming, Poultry and Farm activities.

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  3. Weekend Camping at Krishna River Camp Wai 4 man tent
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