HimalayanTrek to Roopkund at Uttarakhand from 15 May to 25 May2015

Information About Event:

Region : Uttarakhand Chamoli
Duration : 08 Days
Base Camp: Lohajung
Grade : Easy to Moderate
Max Altitude : 15,700 Ft.
Approx trekking: 53km.
Roopkund trek is one of the historical and fantastic trek in chamoli district. Roopkund is also famous for the world largest celebration Nanda Devi Raaj jaat which is held in every twelve year. The Lake of the Roopkund is almost covered by the ice during the year. Generally the trekkers travel by the van and by road to the Lohajung. Roopkund is also known as ‘Mystery Lake.

Roopkund is also known as the skeleton lake Scientists have concluded that the skeletons of about 200 people discovered near the frozen lake belonged to the people of a 9th century Indian tribe who died due to hail storm.

The trekkers trek starts from the Lohajung (15,700 ft) and they climbed to the mountains to create their trek more enjoy full and historical.

The brief Itinerary for the event will be as follows:
Trek Rout From Kathgodam:

Kathgodam->Ranikhet->Garur-> Gwaldam -> Dewal->Bagrigad->Lohajung-> Bedni Bugyal->Kalu Vinayak->baghuwasa->Roopkund

Brief Itinerary Of The Trek:-

Day 0: 14th May, Thursday
Meeting Point: Mumbai Central at 9.00 pm
Start from Mumbai by Golden Temple Express by 9.30 pm

Day 1: 15 th May, Friday
Reach Nizzamuddin by 6.35 pm
Travel from New Delhi to Old Delhi by Local vehicles
Dinner Enroute
Start from Old Delhi to Kathgodam by Ranikhet Express (10.25 pm)

Day 2 :- 16 th May, Kathgodam To Lohajung 300 km from van(hotel stay)

Day 3 :- 17 th May, Lohajung To Didina Village- 8.5 km trek (home stay)

Day 4 :- 18 th May, Didina To Bedini Bugyal- 10 km trek ( tent stay)

Day 5 :- 19 th May, Bedini To Baguwavasha – 9 km trek (tent stay)

Day 6 :- 20 th May Baguwavasa To Roopkund and return back Paatarnachuni- 11km(tent stay)

Day 7 :- 21 st May Paatarnachuni To Gairolipatal – 8 km (tent stay)

Day 8 :- 22 nd May Gairoli To Lohajung 20 km( hotel stay)

Day 9 :- 23rd May Lohajung To Kathgodam return
Start from Kathgodam by Ranikhet Express (10.30 pm)

Day 10: 24 th May, Sunday
Reach Old Delhi by 4.00 am
Travel till Delhi Rohila
Travel towards Mumbai by Garib Rath by 9.20 am

Day 11: 25 th May, Monday Reach Mumbai by 8.00 am

Day 0/1 Travelling from mumbai to Kathgodam

Day 2 :- Kathgodam To Lohajung 300 km from van
After reaching to lohajung
Tea break
Briefing session

Day 3:- Lohajung To Didina Village (8.5 KM)

The sun shines and the Himalaya looks very pretty and the birds are waiting to fly then all the trekkers start their own second day of the trek and in early morning they looks the beauty of the nature and Himalaya and then after all the trekkers starts the breakfast and starts the second day trek Lohajung To Didina Village its approx 8.5 KM from the Lohajung. Didina is the famous viilage for gadwall’s local culture and it’s a beautiful village located under the Himalaya and the altitude of the Didina village is approx 8,200 Ft and the Didina village is just the front of our base camp in this village and totally this village is famous for the home stay as well. After completing the second day of the trek the trekkers enjoy the night in Didina village and keep all the memories.

Day4 :- Didina To Bedini Bugyal

Oops the 3rd day starts from the Didina village and the trekkers starts this trek with by walk after reaching the 4KM straight we reached in the famous place Ali Bugyal it is the biggest Bugyal in the Asia and the area of this Bugyl is approx 3,000 hectare and the altitude of this Bugyal ia approx 12,000 Ft. The location and view of this Bugyal is very beautiful and the trekkers enjoy the beauty of this location and make the lot of fun. From this place the trekkers can see the lot of peaks of the like:-

1:- Trishul Peak
2:- Nanda Ghunti
3:- Maktoli Peak
4:- Mirgthuni Peak
5:- Neelkanth Peak
6:- Chaukhamba Peak
7:- Haathi Peak.

After watching the all the peak and the beauty of the nature trekkers starts for next location and after reaching the 5KM down they reach the Bedini Bugyal its same like the Ali Bugyal and after reaching here trekkers starts to make the their own tent. Bedini is the famous place of the Uttarakhand and also the famous for the history of Maa Nanda Devi Raj Jat and every 11 year the Maa Nanda Devi Raj Jat is held in this famous place. And the famous writer of the history ved vyas ji creates the planning in Bedini to create the ved and also write on ved here. And in front the Bedini there is a famous lake called the Bharam Taal its the famous and historical lake.

Day 5:- Bedini To Baguwavasha
After the lot of experience of the trek the trekkers makes the lot of fun in his life and now the next step of the trek start from the Bedini To Baguwavasha and the Baguwavasha is also one of the historical trek in Uttarakhand and also famous for the Maa Nanda Devi Kailash trek. History says when Maa Nanda Devi went to kailash yatra she return her tiger in Baguwavasha and said to stay in the same place whenever she will back from the kailash Baguwavasha only 3 KM far from the Roopkund.
It’s the natural beauty of the Baguwavasha when the rain falls in the earth this place looks very pretty and the trekkers never forget this place once they trekked here.

Day 6:- Baguwavasa To Roopkund and return back Paatarnachuni
After starting the new day of the trekking we return back to the Roopkund with the collection of lot of memorable history of our life and then the trekkers start the new trekking trek to Paatarnachuni it’s the beautiful place of the nature and its one of the famous stop of Maa Nanda Devi Raj Jat and the altitude of the Paatarnachuni is approx 13,000 Ft and this beautiful is situated in the bottom of kaalu vinayak.

Day 7:- Paatarnachuni To Gairolipatal
It’s the 5th day of the trekking and the fun is still not complete of the trekkers and now the now the new trekking point of the trek is Gairolipatal after reaching the Gairolipatal we can see the different type of the birds with different color and also the different types of animals its totally under the oak forest and mix forest Gairolipatal is also famous for the animal forest and it is also the one of the famous way of the Maa Nanda Devi Raj Jat.

Day 8:- Gairoli To Lohajung
Finally the we are in the last day of the trek and after making the fun in Gairolipatal all the trekkers return back to the Lohajung and the trekkers missed that famous places which they have trekked with Himalaya Heaven Company.

Day 9:- Lohajung To Kathgodam
Now the trek is finished and all the trekkers ready to went to home with lot of memorable moment and they also missed the trek and want to come back again on this trek .

Day 10/11 Travelling back to Mumbai

The cost for the tour will be INR 9,800/- per head,
which includes,
, Kathgodam to Kathgodam
*** Accommodation. Tented or Hotel.
*** Meals while on trek (Veg)
*** Trek equipment’s.
***Permits/ Forest fees
*** Experienced trek Leader, Guide and Support staff
***First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.

1. Any kind of personal expenses.
2. Insurance.
3. Porter to carry personal luggage.
4. Meals while travelling
5. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head price Includes.

Note: if porter is required, arrangements can be done at 250/- to 300/- Per day per bag.

Things to carry:
Hat / Cap, Woolen cap / Balaclava
Pair of Woolen Gloves
T-shirts, Fleece Sweatshirt / Sweater
Windproof Jacket 01 nos.
Leggings from a Track-suit, shorts,
Pair of sturdy sports shoes with rubber sole
Cotton Socks, Woolen Socks, Extra shoe laces
Raincoat / Poncho 01 nos.
Full Body Towel 01 nos.
Torch with spare batteries
Sunscreen lotion, min 30 SPF, Toiletries
Medicines as specified by doctor
Camera, Cam charger, Mobile Charger..
To confirm his/her registration Please contact on the numbers given below:
Shilpa : 9920360336
Rajendra : 9769641488

Website: http://giriratnasprhikers.in/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/giriratnasprhikers/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SPR-GiriRatna-Hikers/342982125826360

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