ABP Majha News 29 April 2015 Giripremi's Nepal rescue & relief work1

The whole world has seen what fate our Nepalese brothers and sisters have endured when 7.9 magnitude quake struck Nepal and left more than 4000 dead. The death toll is still rising. Many are still stuck in the rabble, thousands are seriously injured, and are in need of immediate medical assistance. Trekkers and mountaineers have lost their way in the mountains. Survivors are in agonizing misery and no management system is functional to cater this massive calamity.
Almost entire nation is without power, water and ration. Medical health facilities are shattered. No shelter is safe and to make the matter worst, rains and cold winds have already brought more trouble.
It is in this unfortunate situation, Nepal is in dire need of support by all means. Be it medical, financial, ration, transport, shelter,rescue assistance and more importantly moral support; they need everything. Giripremi members for whom Nepal has always been a pilgrimage, have already set forth to help the tragedy stricken people in every possible way.

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