The Harishchandragarh Trek[11] – The Nalechi Vaat route?

This video is part of The Harishchandragarh Trek playlist.

Experience the Harishchandragarh Trek, with Abhijeet Das, Ahmed Nabeel, Bimal R. Behera, Himanshu Iyer, Sawan Kumar Raithani, and Sinan Sadr.

My friends and I set out on a trek to Harishchandragarh, which is in Maharashtra, India. It might be interesting to note that none of us knew the local language, Marathi and we had minimum trekking experience. We had almost negligible knowledge about the trek, and it is actually quite surprising how we managed to complete it.

Thus, I believe it is now vital to share this experience with everybody… it will give you all a nice idea about how difficult or easy this trek is actually… and how you can spice it up further.

I would like to re-state the fact that we had almost no knowledge about the trek, and thus many things in the videos might actually be FACTUALLY INCORRECT. However, the general gist is the same and anyone experienced enough is more than free to correct us where we went wrong.

Another request to any fellow trekkers visiting this relatively pristine location is that please try to keep the location as clean as possible. It was really hurting to see that human intervention has already begun to show in the trek as many places were polluted with plastics, etc. We did our part by keeping it clean… will you?

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