Giridarshan's Devkund water fall trek on 23 Aug 2015

we will start from our office at 6.30 am, and reach Tamhini ghat, we will have breakfast while travelling, we will start our trek from Bhira village, first one hour we will walk through comparatively easy and open terrain, then we will walk through unexplored jungle, will reach the waterfall spot, spend time here and hav lunch, we will be back to Pune till 9 pm,
trek fee Rs 700/- which includes travel and breakfast,
you will have to bring your lunch, water bottle, extra clothes with you,
Difficulty level Moderate.
booking till 21 Aug, only 35 seats,
call 9881435507 to Deepak Zore for booking.

6 सप्टेम्बर ला चला या प्रचंड जल प्रपाताला भेट द्यायला
जागा मोजक्याच फ़क्त 35 जण
नाव नोंदणी लवकरच सुरु
अधिक माहिती
9850520058 वर

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