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punehikers.com paid access details

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1)Process send an email to info@punehikers.com,Subject punehikers.com paid access details
2)Reply to the email containing terms and conditions, agreeing to the terms and conditions
3)Make payment into the bank details send to you .
4) Register on Mumbaihikers.com/ Punehikers.com

  • Mumbaihikers.com  1000 Rupees per year
  • Punehikers.com 1000 Rupees per year
  • Mumbaihikers.com + Punehikers.com 1500 rupees per year.  

Terms and Conditions
You are granted the right to post your events on Mumbaihikers.com/ Punehikers.com as long as you follow events follow the guidelines below.
You will be banned after 3 warnings if the below rules are broken.

1) Your events is complete with all the information .
your event will not be incomplete with the link to another site .
There will be no link which reads for more details/information click here. (some groups were posting 2-3 links and a link to other sites for details )

2) You will only post your own copyrighted photos . You will only share photos and information where you have permission from the original copyright holder.

3)Your events will not have dates spanning weeks and months . Eg Sept – December.Your events will have fixed dates eg 13th – 14th September 2015

4)You will add separate events for recurring events. Eg separate events for rappelling on 12th 21st 31st of the month

5)Your events will not included banned substances  hukka,alcohol and any such variation/intoxicants are NOT allowed on Mumbaihikers.com/ Punehikers.com.Your events must be outdoor treks,river rafting,tour events.

6) Duplicate events in partnership with other groups will be deleted and warning given. Eg same title,same date and same content and cost . (This is for groups which do events in partnership with other groups and post ditto events on Mumbaihikers.com/ Punehikers.com)
7) Title of your events will be [your group name] [trek to [fort name] date . for eg mytrekking group trek to lohagad 15th September 2015

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