Captured on Camera – Tarkarli Scuba Diving Experience

If you are in Maharashtra and want to experience Scuba diving you must drive down to Tarkarli beach where Scuba diving is offered. On Tarkarli beach you will find many vendors who will offer you Scuba diving.

As you approach Tarkarli beach many people would approach you offering Scuba diving services, you will have to choose one, take tickets and go in sea using their boat. The price is INR. 1500 during peak season however if you have good negotiation skills you can get a good deal in INR 800 as well (this was in year 2014)

These people will take your photos and video inside sea as well and same will be shared with you using memory card, do carry an additional pen drive or blank memory card in your mobile.

Enjoy your Scuba experience… 🙂

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