Kanha Tiger 1.flv

On 19th MARCH 2003 along with some friends and their families I (Vidhan Deep Mishra)had visited KANHA NATIONAL PARK accompanied by wife SHUBHRA and daughter ISHITA . WE got our chance to go for TIGER SHOW on an elephant at about 9 am . ATAL and WILSON two wild life freaks and my driver YASHWANT were d three others along wid me in the saddle , ISHITA my daughty was then just 4 year old ) .THE tiger “T -2 ” had already been located with its kill a spotted deer by other elephants thus we led to that location but only to find the the TIGER missing from that spot leaving its kill half eaten . The mahavat suggested that as d tiger had just taken its food it must have gone towards d nearest canal for water. This video is an edited version of what happened there after .originally a 25 minute video is being edited to less then 10 minutes for YOU TUBE rules .U can hear ISHITA asking to go back , U can hear WILSON inspiring me to go on recording , u can hear the mahavat suggesting that its a life time opportunity to catch a tiger drinking water from so near hardly 15 feet .U can hear the tiger roar at 6 minutes 34secs ,.On the 7minutes 43rd sec of the video I had fallen down from the saddle of d elephant as d elephant got imbalanced and fell on its right damaging d saddle. As both my hands were holding the camcorder when the elephant got up with a jerk after the slip I was thrown off the saddle to be left on my feet at about 20 feet from the TIGER T-2 . I was on my own for 8 minutes before they rescued . THE latter half of the video ..i e after 7 minutes and 43 secs shows all d places I ran on my feet for 8 mins . U can easily hear me breathing like a whistle THEN ON . AT d end of the video u could see ISHITA and me in front of the same elephant and the saddle being repaired by the mahavat .


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