Prominent Kanha tiger named Munna takes a dump

Tiger: Symbol of the Wild – Kanha National Park, having a crap in the wild.

Currently one of the dominant male tigers of Kanha National Park is a tiger named Munna. Munna is famous for his large size, big head and has a symbol that looks like “CAT” written on his head.

The tiger ”safari” that takes place in parks like Kanha and Ranthambhor in India is terrible for the tiger. Gypsy jeeps follow the tigers from close, disturb them by tracking their every movement, getting close and overall letting them have no peace. As such, some of these tigers spend more time in the relatively close proximity and company of human beings than of their own kind!

Tiger sightings have become quite rare these days in India, reason being the tiger killings because of its multitude of medicinal or magical properties that is why tiger trade is very profitable. Genuinely the tiger skin is not fashionable but the smuggling of tiger fur coats and rugs are not difficult for the impoverished hunters. Even after the bans made by the government warning not to gather even wood from the former hunting grounds, poaching of tigers continue.

Still efforts are continuously made to preserve these magnificent predators from extinction. The Project tiger was launched in India in 1972 as conservation program for saving the Indian Tiger Population. Some of the best examples of this programs success can be seen in the national parks situated in the high Himalayan region, to the mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans and the thorny scrubs of Rajasthan. But more wildlife conservation laws and awareness among people is still required to make Indian sanctuaries a safe haven for tigers.

Ever wondered what it feels like to visit a tiger country? Then visit the state of Madhya Pardesh, check out the wilds of Kanha and see for yourself why this place is called a wild hideout taken straight from the famous “Jungle Book”.

Source: Wikipedia

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