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Tiger Sighting @ Kanha

Thursday, October 29th, 2015 | mumbaihikers | Kanha National Park

Abt Video: @ 00.30 The tiger gives us a slip n jumps across the gully. @ 00.56 his highness chooses to grant us Darshan n yet again @01.50
Mr.Tiger gave us a slip for quiet a long time durin our stint @ Kanha..during one such exercise we ended up at the tail end of the trail of gypsies. but his highness thought otherwise n chose to play dues ex machina to save our jeopardised safari mission, landing right in front of our gypsy.
also seen in the video are fellow tourists. Most of them hardly kept fight n were even shoutingat each other like kids to hv a glimpse (n u call them urban ‘elite’). the animal which was seeking its mate was definitely disturbed with the ongoin commotion. i really wonder if we are heading in the right direction in conservation with Safari. also, hw eligible m i 2 make a comment after being party 2 such an exercise is a question in itself.

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