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Thursday, October 29th, 2015 | mumbaihikers | Kanha National Park

Three Tigers in Cage at Kanha National Park
(Anchor) You must have seen huge enclosure for tigers at the zoo but at Kanha National Park three tigers could not get even that much space, they have been kept in small enclosures for last three years. Their mother has died earlier due to utter negligence of National Park authorities.
(Voice Over 1): These visual (Tiger shoots) are not from any zoo but have been taken at a place which has been especially made for tigers to live comfortably. These astonishing visual of tigers peeping out from small enclosures are from Kanha National Park at Madhya Pradesh. Actually National Park authorities forgot these tigers after putting them in enclosure three years back. Management at Kanha National Park had put these tigers in cage enclosures saying that they will be left free after some time once they are big enough to catch prey on their own. Now these tigers are grown up but even then they are helpless.
(Byte : Nand Rana, Wild life activist) “What is happening presently, keeping three tigers in a small cage that also in a national park not in a zoo is a very bad thing to do”.
(Voice Over 2): According to wildlife act if tigers have to be kept captive the size of enclosure should be minimum 2.75 meters in length and breadth should be minimum 2 meters, also they should be provided at least 250 Sq. Mtr. open area to roam around but, the way Kanha national park authorities have kept King of the Jungle is really shameful.
(Byte 2: Abhay Kocher, wild life activist) “Three tigers have been kept in cage after they got separated from their mother, they have been kept in very cruel way and the size of cage is so small that it is also against prescribed by Zoo authority of India and there is not enough space for three tigers. When we talk to Kanha Management we are always told that soon these tigers will be shifted to their natural habitat forest but we do not see any such thing happening here.”
(Voice Over 3): We tried to contact and discuss the matter with H. S. Negi, Field Director, Kanha National Park. On 9th January when we reached his office we came to know that he is busy with some minister and officials from Bhopal. Than we tried to contact him at Kanha for next two days but officer who gets heavily paid by the government for tiger conservation could not take out time to discuss such important matter. Than we tried to contact him on phone on 29th January when he was visiting Jabalpur but all in vain and finally we were told in the evening at 7.00 PM that soon these tigers will be released in the wild.
(Voice Over 4): After this negligence being caught may be the tigers will be released soon but who will decide on penalty for crimes done by Kanha National Park management.
Sanjeev Choudhary (Correspondent) from Kanha National Park, for NDTV, India.
pl see Impect story of this….(NDTV Headlines) After the negligence of forest department was shown on NDTV immediate action was taken and these tigers got freedom

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