GORILLA ADVENTURES Climb Gear product list

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1 PETZL HMS Vertigo Wire-lock 1,800/-
2 PETZL HMS William (Screw) 1,400/-
3 PETZL HMS Attache (Screw) 1,400/-
4 MadRock HMS Ultra Tech Screw 550/-
5 MadRock HMS Ultra Tech Triple Lock 700/-
6 MadRock HMS Hulk Screw 600/-
7 MadRock HMS Hulk Screw Black 650/-
8 Climbing Technology HMS Concept SG 1,400/-
9 Climbing Technology HMS Concept TG 1,800/-
10 Climbing Technology HMS Steel Snappy Steel SG 1,400/-
1 PETZL D Shape (Big) Am’D (Screw) 1,400/-
2 PETZL D Shape Spirit (Screw) 980/-
3 MadRock D Shape Ultra Tech Screw 500/-
4 MadRock D Shape Ultra Tech Twist Lock 650/-
5 MadRock D Shape Super Tech Screw 500/-
6 Climbing Technology D Shape Large SG 1,200/-
7 Climbing Technology D Shape Large TG 1,600/-
8 Climbing Technology D Shape D Shape SG 1,100/-
9 Climbing Technology D Shape D Shape WG 1,450/-
10 Climbing Technology D Shape Steel D Shape Steel SG 900/-
1 PETZL D Shape Spirit (Straight) 700/-
2 PETZL D Shape Spirit (Bent) 700/-
3 PETZL D Shape Djinn (Straight) 600/-
4 PETZL D Shape Djinn (Bent) 600/-
5 PETZL D Shape Ange S 900/-
6 PETZL D Shape Ange L 950/-
7 MadRock D Shape Specialty Trigger Wire 500/-
8 MadRock D Shape Super Tech Straight 450/-
9 MadRock D Shape Super Tech Bent 450/-
10 MadRock D Shape Ultra-Light Wire Straight 420/-
11 MadRock D Shape Ultra-Light Wire Straight 420/-
1 PETZL Oval OK (Screw) 980/-
2 Mad Rock Oval Oval Tech 550/-
3 Climbing Technology Oval Pillar Evo SG 1,050/-
4 Climbing Technology Oval Pillar Evo TG 1,350/-
5 Climbing Technology Oval Steel Oval Steel SG 1,450/-
6 Mad Rock Oval Oval Tech Straight 500/-
1 PETZL D Shape Quick Draw Spirit Express 1,700/-
11 cm
17 cm
2 PETZL D Shape Quick Draw Djinn Axess 1,250/-
12 cm
17 cm
3 PETZL D Shape Quick Draw Ange Finesse (S+S) 1,800/-
10 cm
17 cm
4 PETZL D Shape Quick Draw Ange Finesse (S+L) 1,900/-
Ange Finesse (L+L)
10 cm
17 cm
5 MadRock D Shape Quick Draw Super Tech Draw 1,050/-
6 MadRock D Shape Quick Draw Ultra-Light Wire Draw 950/-
1 Petzl Quick Link Go Oval 450/-
2 Climbing Technology Quick Link Oval Steel 8 450/-
3 Petzl Quick Link Delta P11 700/-
Delta P11 8 450/-
Delta P11 8B 650/-
4 Climbing Technology Quick Link Delta Steel 525/-
5 Petzl Quick Link Demi Rond 1,600/-
1 Petzl Descender Huit 950/-
2 Petzl Descender Huit – Anti Brulure 1,200/-
3 Petzl Descender Pirana 2,300/-
4 Climbing Technology Descender Otto Big 910/-
5 Singing Rock Descender Figure of 8 650/-
6 Simon Descender Figure of 8 650/-
7 Gipfel Descender Figure of 8 550/-
1 Petzl Belay Verso 1,700/-
2 Petzl Belay Reverso 4 2,500/-
3 Petzl Belay Universo 3,500/-
4 Petzl Belay Gri Gri 2 5,800/-
1 Petzl Climbing – Unisex Hirundos 5,400/-
2 Petzl Climbing – Unisex Aquila 8,500/-
3 Petzl Climbing – Unisex Calidris 6,900/-
4 Petzl Climbing – Men Sama 5,000/-
5 Petzl Climbing – Men Adjama 6,000/-
6 Petzl Climbing – Women Selena 5,000/-
7 Petzl Climbing – Women Luna 6,000/-
8 Petzl Climbing – Unisex Corax 4,500/-
9 Petzl Big Wall – Unisex Canyon 9,000/-
10 Petzl Climbing – Kids Macchu 5,400/-
11 Mad Rock Climbing – Unisex Solar 4,000/-
12 Mad Rock Climbing – Men Mars 3,250/-
13 Mad Rock Climbing – Women Venus 3,250/-
14 Kong Climbing – Unisex Victor 5,400/-
15 Climb X Climbing – Unisex Warrior 4,000/-
16 Gipfel Alpine – Unisex Saltoro 3,000/-
17 Gipfel Alpine – Unisex Shivling 2,500/-
18 Petzl Activity Aspir 4,400/-
19 Climb X Activity Galaxy Deluxe 4,000/-
20 Petzl Activity Pandion 3,700/-
21 Kong Activity Indiana 3,650/-
22 Petzl Activity Gym 3,500/-
23 Climb X Activity Galaxy 3,000/-
24 Mad Rock Activity Galaxy 2,750/-
1 Petzl Body Harness – Unisex 8003 7,300/-
2 Petzl Body Harness – Kids Ouistiti 4,000/-
3 Petzl Body Harness – Kids Simba 4,000/-
4 Kong Body Harness – Unisex Ferrata Full 5,400/-
5 Petzl Chest Harness – Unisex Voltige 3,600/-
6 Petzl Chest Harness – Kids Body 2,200/-
7 Petzl Tool Carabiner Caritool 450/-
1 Petzl Climbing Sirrocco 7,200/-
2 Petzl Climbing Meteor 6,800/-
3 Petzl Climbing Elios 4,800/-
4 Petzl Climbing Elia 4,800/-
5 Petzl Climbing Picchu 3,500/-
6 Climbing Technologies Climbing Work Shell 6,300/-
7 Climbing Technologies Climbing X Work 4,600/-
8 Kong Climbing Mouse Work 4,300/-
9 Kong Climbing Magic 5,100/-
10 Kong Climbing Mouse 4,300/-
11 Gipfel Alpine Neu 2,000/-
1 Petzl Dynamic Java 10.3mmx30Mtr 9,000/-
2 Petzl Dynamic Mambo 10.1mmx50Mtr 10,500/-
3 Petzl Dynamic Contact 9.8mmx60Mtr 13,000/-
4 Petzl Dynamic Arial 9.5mmx60Mtr 16,000/-
5 Petzl Dynamic Volta 9.2mmx50Mtr 15,000/-
6 Kong Static Static 10mmx1Mtr 140/-
7 Todi Static Nylon 8mmx1Mtr 50/-
8 Todi Static Nylon 10mmx1Mtr 60/-
9 Todi Static Nylon 12mmx1Mtr 70/-
10 Todi Static Polyester 10.5mmx1Mtr 50/-
11 Todi Static Polyester 12mmx1Mtr 60/-
12 Todi Static Polyester 14mmx1Mtr 70/-
13 Garware Static Color 8mmx1Mtr 45/-
14 Garware Static Color 10mmx1Mtr 65/-
15 Garware Static Color 12mmx1Mtr 85/-
16 Garware Static White 8mmx1Mtr 40/-
17 Garware Static White 10mmx1Mtr 60/-
18 Garware Static White 12mmx1Mtr 80/-
1 La Sportiva Men / Women Genius 13,000/-
2 La Sportiva Men / Women Futura 13,000/-
3 La Sportiva Men / Women Testarossa 12,500/-
4 La Sportiva Men / Women Solution 12,000/-
5 La Sportiva Men / Women TC Pro 12,000/-
6 La Sportiva Men / Women Katana – Laces 12,000/-
7 La Sportiva Men / Women Miura – VS 11,600/-
8 La Sportiva Men / Women Katana 10,600/-
9 La Sportiva Men / Women Miura 10,600/-
10 La Sportiva Men / Women Jeckyl – VS 10,000/-
11 La Sportiva Men / Women Jeckyl 9,500/-
12 La Sportiva Men / Women Python 9,500/-
13 La Sportiva Men / Women Mythos 9,500/-
14 La Sportiva Men / Women Cobra 8,000/-
15 La Sportiva Men / Women Hydrogym 7,700/-
16 La Sportiva Men / Women Oxygym 7,700/-
17 La Sportiva Men / Women Nitrogym 6,800/-
18 Mad Rock Men / Women Shark 7,000/-
19 Mad Rock Men / Women Demon 2.0 6,200/-
20 Mad Rock Men / Women Flash 2.0 5,400/-
21 Mad Rock Men / Women Drifter 4,250/-
22 Climb X Men / Women E-Motion 7,000/-
23 Climb X Men / Women Rock It 6,500/-
24 Climb X Men / Women Rave 4,500/-
25 La Sportiva Kids Stick-It 4,800/-
26 Climb X Kids Kinder 3,500/-
27 Mad Rock Kids Mad Monkey 3,100/-
1 So Ill Holds Bolt on Feet (15 Holds) 4,500/-
2 So Ill Holds Chills (10 Holds) 7,000/-
3 So Ill Holds Jugs (20 Holds) 14,500/-
4 So Ill Holds Mini Jugs (20 Holds) 9,500/-
5 So Ill Holds Bolt on Kit (53 Holds) 15,500/-
6 So Ill Holds Giant Starter (53 Holds) 28,000/-
7 So Ill Holds Knuckles (30 Holds) 20,500/-
8 So Ill Holds Starter Kit (12 Holds) 7,000/-
9 So Ill Holds Screw on Kit (26 Holds) 13,500/-
10 So Ill Finger Boards Blister Board 4,850/-
11 So Ill Finger Boards Blister Board Big 11,000/-
12 So Ill Finger Boards Remedy Board 11,500/-
13 So Ill Finger Boards Mini Palm 7,500/-
14 So Ill Finger Boards Iron Palm 9,500/-
15 So Ill Finger Boards Crimp Reaper 8,500/-
16 So Ill Finger Boards Slopeymon 9,500/-
17 So Ill Finger Boards Boost Board 11,500/-
We undertake the contract for installing ‘Artificial Climbing Wall’ in your vicinity.
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* Offer valid availability of stock with us / manufacturer. Prices are subject to change as per change in Manfacturer’s Price List.

We, humans evolved from apes. Since the evolution period itself, we are very curious towards nature and surroundings. This curiosity in human beings leads them to habit of exploration.

Through this habit he has explored lot of wonderful places on the mother Earth and yet exploring it. These exploration progressions involved various adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, boating, sea travel etc. But in those days such adventures were done for exploration and in today’s world we have started doing it only for pleasing our thirst of adventure and quests.

Today we seek for adventure through various activities like hiking, trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, boating, sea travel etc. Though these adventures give us an ultimate pleasure, we must do such activities under the guidance or arrangements of adventure experts, as it involves life risk. And from here our job gets a start.

We ‘Gorillas’..

Adventure begins when a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts gather together. This is what happened with the ‘Troop’ of Gorilla Adventures. Gorilla Adventure is a well-knit, well experienced, well equipped troop of members that is passionately dedicated to promote the energizing adventure to all adventure lovers like us.

We all members are regular trekkers with high experience in trekking, camping, rock climbing & other adventure activities. We always keep ourselves updated of new techniques and technologies intended for adventure based activities so as to present our participants a low-risk experience.
Why ‘Gorilla Adventures’?
Reputation: Since establishment, we have successfully completed many treks and camps for last 8 years, that has awarded all our participants with amusing adventurous memories with fantastic outing experience. Our friendly and helpful members who will look after you right from the moment of your arrival to the time of your departure in very special ‘Gorilla Adventure’ style.

Our leaders are selected for their personality, their experience in adventure, travel and their wealth of knowledge of the area within which they work. They are well-trained and have the ability to provide the support you should expect when you visit adventurous remote areas. They are able to cope with most emergency situations including those requiring evacuation and hospitalization.

Wide range of activities: Unlike others, we offer a wide range of adventure activities in this field. Having extreme adventure activities in our first slot, like trekking, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, tyro-lean traverse, ascending, Burma bridge, flying fox, river crossing etc., we also offer other outings like jungle tours, photography, star gazing, tours to ancient/historical places etc. We also offer a wide range of camping and workshop activities like adventure basics including archery and rifle shooting, first aid & survival, ‘Abhyas Durgancha’ (learning workshop of forts), children camps, ladies special, agro tourism, cycling expeditions etc.

In training section, we have various outbound management development programs and workshops that revolves around activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, team building & motivation.

Safety: Whilst activity, we are very alert about the safety of participants, so they can enjoy their experience with pleasant memories. When it comes to ‘Safety’, we never compromise. Various types of specialized activities are also organized for enthusiasts with different endurance levels. All the adventure equipments and rock gears used during the activities are bought and maintained as per the standards specified and tested before actual use. The troop arranges well planned pilot trek to every adventure spot well before the day of actual activity to make the participants more comfortable whilst the activity schedule. All the important instructions and briefing are given by expert outdoor of the Gorilla Adventures Troop. An essential First Aid Kit is always carried along-with on every activity days that can be used sensibly by informed troop to the best. Yet the troop always believes in ‘Precaution is always better than cure’.

Comfort: Adventure activities need prior comfort. Hence we take utmost care to provide maximum comforts to our participants. The activity schedule is always maintained flexible with timely rest hours to avoid unwanted hurry and stress. All the activities spots are reached through the privately arranged vehicles to allow participants a comfortable travel. For overnight treks and camping, stay facilities are arranged at villagers’ houses or in tents. For multi-day camps, good quality accommodations are made available as per the requirement of camp. Sleeping essentials* like sleeping mats and sleeping bags etc. are provided at night, as per the packages. Good quality snacks, meals & water are provided during the activities, as per the packages. ‘Quality’ is must for ‘Client Satisfaction’ and we never compromise for it.

Trained & Experienced Troop: Gorilla Adventures, through its regular training activities introduces and imparts thorough technical knowledge both theoretical and practical in various ever-changing aspects of Adventure Actions. Our troop consists of professionals & specialists in various activities in our field. Through regular training & updates makes the members of Gorilla Adventures more able to handle the activities and emergencies with ease. Our increasing experience in this filed is making us more trustful in the eyes of our clients.

Promoting Locals: Guides, Stay and cooking facilities are mostly hired locally in the trekking area to provide them village based income as well as promoting their standard of living. Our field staff and leader have been taught to respect the local cultures of the places that they visit and guide our participants into. We believe in activities as a learning experience and hope that you will be able to learn from the local people about their way of life, their cultures, their customs and their beliefs. To that end, most of our programs are designed so that you will have opportunities to meet the local people and interact with them but, we do ask that you be sensitive to their way of life. These work wonders in bridging the language barrier.

After maintaining such a good atmosphere and impression, we make ourselves and participant sure of a fantastic and memorable adventure outing. Gorilla Adventure also aims to take adventure to all the sections of society and instill in them the spirit of adventure and thus enable them to face the challenges of the new era.