Mumbai trekkers

Our Trek Group Details

a) Your group name :- Mumbai Trekkers

b) Your group Facebook page :-

c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :-

d) Your group website(optional) :- —

e) You need to send you details of your groups :

Before July 2015 Mumbai Trekkers was not officially found but we had arranged more than 25 Treks as a group before officially forming the group. Now We have our own facebook page created recently and our Private Facebook Group has more than 1200 members. We have arranged treks even with more than 50 Participants.

f) Date group started (optional) :- July 2015

g) Number of treks done till now :- 11 (After formation of Mumbai Trekkers, but we have arranged more than 30 Treks as a Group overall before formation of the group)

h) Name of trek leaders :-

Kartik Mehta 8080747826

Ameet Shet

Rahul Dedhia

Bhavin Shah

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