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To Corbett with Love-A documentary on Corbett National Park, India

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 | mumbaihikers | Jim Corbett National Park

A short film made in the year 2000, set in Corbett National Park, India. Filmed, scripted and produced by Dr.Susan Sharma
Producer IndianWildlifeClub.com
Direction, videography Susan Sharma
Music S.P Sunny

Corbett National Park nestles in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the first national park of the Indian sub-continent and was the launching pad for the region’s ambitious conservation plan called Project Tiger in 1974.
This 24 minute video was exclusively shot in Corbett Park and portrays the park from the viewpoint of a tourist. Corbett’s magnificent forests with their rich flora and fauna attract some 48,000 tourists annually, many returning year after year for sightings of tigers, elephants, deer, ghariyals etc. and some 500 odd species of birds. The film looks at the conversion of Jim Corbett, the Nainital- born Britisher who founded the National Park, from hunter to protector of wildlife.

The park’s employees – rangers, forest guards and mahouts face threats from wild animals and poachers. In the film you can meet Subedar Ali, the mahout who survived a tiger attack, spent a year in hospital and then came back to work in Corbett Park as a mahout, taking photographers and tourists for jungle trips.

The film is a tribute to the silent protectors of the tiger. It has been motivated by the belief that the Indian tiger has a better chance of survival when it is worth more alive than dead. Each tourist to the Park who has been lucky to sight a tiger goes back with unforgettable memories. Even those who don’t manage seeing a tiger cannot but wonder at the Park’s ambience, where elephants, deer and others are sure to make eye contact with you.

The film makes a subtle statement about saving the tiger through Subedar Ali; not in so many words as from the obvious passion this mahout has for wildlife.
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