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Vatsal – Water for All in Ringora Village near Jim Corbett National Park

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 | mumbaihikers | Jim Corbett National Park

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Ringora is small forest village in Uttarakhand near Jim Corbett National Park. It has no water supply, electricity. They require a solar powered water pump so that they do not have to go far to fetch water and cross paths with the man-eater tigers.


I m Asha.

Asha means Hope in Hindi, my parents named me so because they felt I would truly live a more progressive and comfortable life than them. I live in Ringora village in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, a forest village adjoining the world famous Corbett National Park. The national park was named in memory of the famous hunter Jim Corbett, who had protected the people of the area by hunting the ferocious man-eating tigers. During Corbett’s’ lifetime in the early 1900s , our village had no electricity, no water supply or other basic infrastructure. In 2016 decades after Jim Corbett’s’ passing I am pained to say things haven’t changed much, even today my village has not water supply or electricity or basic infrastructure. The only change that has occurred is that few hundred meters down the road from our village there are many luxurious resorts with constant power supply and amenities. Ironically, their power lines are running overhead of our homes but cannot supply us because we are a Forest village and not a revenue village, which is assured of basic infrastructure from the state.  

Even today, the tigers threaten the lives of our villagers. We can’t do much do to protect ourselves except pray that we don’t ever cross paths with them. As the number of resorts and tourists increase in the surrounding areas of the forest reserve, the man-animal conflict will only intensify further. Recently a tiger mauled my neighbour Ms. Kandpal outside her tea stall. Her struggle for life went on for an excruciating 10 minutes, her prayers were answered and the Tiger fled but not before scaring her face beyond recognition. 

Under this threat and in the biting Himalayan winters, we villagers have to walk 6kms every morning to fetch water, a necessity for survival. Further, we have to spend a significant time at natural water source to wash clothes utensils etc that exposes us to a risk of crossing paths with a Tiger or other dangerous animals. We don’t see any hope /Asha in our lives unless we villagers take steps to improve our own future by bringing about a real change in our lives. We intend to install a — solar powered water pump at our natural water source, which will draw up the water till our village. I In order to store the water we intend to place a synthetic water tank with a capacity of—liters. In this manner, all the citizens of our village will have a sufficient water for our basic necessities.  The benefits of this endeavor are multifold. Primarily it significantly reduces the possibility of the Man-Animal conflict to our villages as mentioned above. It helps young children like myself to focus on our studies and development activities instead of making a trip to fetch water at least twice a day. The overall impact on the basic quality of our lives will be Monumental! 

The budget for fulfilling this dream is approximately Rs.15 lacs. We appeal to you to join and support our campaign by creating awareness of our situation to all your near and dear ones. We make a heartfelt appeal to contribute to our campaign. All your contributions will be invaluable to us and will be close to the heart of all the citizens of our Ringora forest village.

Vatsal- Sudeep Mashiwal Memorial Foundation has joined hands with these villagers on this endeavour. Vatsal Foundation has been active in the field of medical aid, education and spreading health and social awareness in these rural areas of Uttarakhand – Nainital District, mainly the Forest and revenue rural region of Corbett National Park. 

Vatsal was conceived and created by Ms. Shweta Mashiwal in the year 2011 in memory of late Sudeep Mashiwal, a prominent social activist after his sudden and sad demise. The organization was born with the vision and mission to complete his unfulfilled agenda to connect the rural areas of his hometown to the mainstream society and civic infrastructure, where the most backward and underprivileged citizens could benefit from the government schemes and pursue a life of social and economic independence.

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