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Silent Observer – Short Film on Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Friday, August 26th, 2016 | mumbaihikers | Tadoba National Park

As a passionate wildlife lover, everyone wishes to take award winning photographs or to make interesting short film. With advance DSLR cameras, taking good quality photographs has become much easier. However when we think about making a short film, we feel that it is a quite time consuming, which also needs lot of money. We also end up concluding that unless we have some special permissions, we cannot take video footage in tiger reserves. Another excuse that we often give is that making short film needs high end cameras with long telephoto lenses, which again needs lot of money.

“Silent Observer” – is our first attempt to make a short film on Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. Below are the key points, which will prove that making a short film on wildlife isn’t that difficult.

1. About 90% footage has been taken using Sony HX50 Point and Shoot Camera, which costs less than 25000 INR. It can capture HD video footage.
2. We did not take any special permission neither we got access to any special zone. We took all the footage during only 8 safaris that we did in Tadoba as a regular tourist.
3. About 75% footage has been taken by a girl (Preity) who is just 17 years old.

There might be many flaws that you can find easily in this film, however considering equipments that we have used and the duration for which we took the footage, we are extremely happy about our outcome. This film has inspired us to make 2nd attempt with proper preparation. We hope that it will encourage some of you to make such interesting short film.

Please put speakers on high volume, let it buffer properly and enjoy the journey to Tadoba – Land of Tigers!!

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