First Tiger Spotting in Wild Bandhavgarh National Park 2005

Found this in my archive. Was one of the first tiger spotting in wild. I had been to Kanha in 2004 but unfortunately that trip was totally dry with no tiger sightings. Bandhavgarh turned out to be super cool, got tiger in all safari. This particular tigerss was a sudden encounter. As our vehicle was moving, we saw a left turn ahead and suddenly saw a female tigress walking down straight towards us.. We stopped and were enjoying the scene of tigress walking towards us, but the next moment the tigress was distracted by some movement on her right side and she hastily moved away from the track and ran in the bushes and trees on her left side. Later she emerged out in open area parallel to our vehicle on our right side. But due to my mistake i couldnt shoot that sequence as the battery of my digi cam were exhausted by then. Thanks to Bablu, son of E. Kuttapan (then head mahaout of Bandhavgarh NP) who was our gypsy driver. He made sure that we got all the kind of wildlife spotting in Bandhavgarh

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