Cloudland Canyon Waterfall and West Rim Trails Part 1

Music: “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” by The Avett Brothers

Part 1 – My daughter, her friend and I went on a summer day hike in the Cloudland Canyon State Park located just outside of Trenton, Georgia in Dade County. We started at the Waterfall Trailhead located inside the park near Pavillion #2. From the Waterfall Trailhead we took the Waterfall Trail approximately 2 miles down to the Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. Then we took the 600 steps to the bottom of the canyon and connected with the Sitton Gulch Trail where we went off trail to a small un-named waterfall. There were numerous small falls all along Daniel Creek.

Part 2 – We then connected with the West Rim Trail which makes a loop of approximately 5 miles along the rim of the canyon. There were several overlooks with fantastic views of the canyon and valley below. We then connected again with the Waterfall Trail and took it back to the trailhead. It is definitely worth visiting the area and spending some time in Cloudland Canyon State Park hiking these trails. Keep hiking!

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