Kanching Waterfalls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – 7 Levels

http://www.tvnewsradio.com/ Kanching Waterfalls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is 7-level waterfalls near to Kuala Lumpur (about 20 km, 1 hour), Kanching Waterfalls is located in Templer Park area and you can easily go there by bus nr. 43 from the front of Central Market in Kuala Lumpur (Cental Market is near Chinatown and Kota Raya Shopping Mall). Bus cost 2rm (0,50 euro) and bus drives through Batu Caves and it takes about 1 hour going by bus. Bus stops in big highway – but ask bus driver to stop you Kanching Waterfalls, not Templer Park, which is only 1 kilometer from Kanching, but that is not the same place. Even locals call Kanching Waterfalls as Templer Park, but that is not the same 7-level beautiful waterfalls like in Kanching. When bus stops, go or run carefully over this big highway to other side and only walk 100 meters back and you will see the entrance and the gate of Welcome Hutan Lipur Kanching.

Kanching Waterfalls is the most amazing place in Kuala Lumpur. Kanching Waterfalls contains 7 different waterfalls in 7 levels and you can climb all to these. You need to have a good condition and some drinking water is recommend to bring with you. It is also possible swim easily for example in level 3 and level 4. You can do also picnic and in area are also barbeque areas to put fire and heat up the food, but be aware of hungry monkeys. In entrance of Kanching is also small food restaurant to eat rice, burgers and have a cup of coffee. Local Special Burger for 3rm (0,75 euros) is very tasty after trekking and swimming in waterfalls. Entrance cost to Kanching is 3rm (0,75 euros).

Kanching Waterfalls is recommend to all in Kuala Lumpur who wants go the real nature adventure from the city of heavy and noisy traffic. Kanching Waterfalls is very easy and fast to reach.

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