Krabi Things To Do? Huay Toh Waterfall! (Thailand) – Krabi, Thailand things to do.

Khao Phanom Bencha National park is the site of this cool waterfall and jungle trek, complete with viewpoint and another, smaller water fall.

Price to get in is currently just 100 THB for foreigners and 20 THB for Thais. If there are only Thais entering the park – it is free. Once a foreigner is seen – the entire group gets charged. Go figure, right? Such is life in Thailand. It has been like this all 7 years I’ve been here.

Huay Toh waterfall is a multi-tiered waterfall located about 27 kilometers outside Krabi town at the western base of Khao Phanom Bencha mountain peak.

The park is quite amazing, and the waterfall is worth the walk. I say in the video it’s about 350m, but maybe the walk is more like 450 meters to reach the falls.

The water is clean and you can swim in the various pools. The falls are seen here on November 14th. We haven’t had a good rain in about 2 weeks prior, so you can see – there is still enough water to make it worthwhile. During the height of the dry season the water is considerably less – and maybe not worth visiting this attraction during that time.

I apologize for the bouncy video. I thought the vibration reduction worked better than it shows here. I’ll concentrate more on keeping steady videos from now on.

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