Marianne or Avocat Waterfall Blanchisseuse.avi

Blanchisseuse remains the most picturesque village on Trinidads North Coast .Its a village that has produced great leaders such as Sir Solomon Hochoy the countrys first Governor General in 1962 .It seems unthinkable that less than a century ago Blanchisseuse was cut off from the rest of Trinidad and not until 1931 the twenty four mile Arima Blanchisseuse Road was completed and in the 1970s the extension of The North Coast Road from Maracas Bay to Blanchisseuse enabled further entry into the village. Some historical places in Blanchisseuse are the Police Station ,The RC Church ,The Spring Bridge built in 1955 and the Marianne River which bears significance to the name, as village women assembled at the river to wash clothes hence the name Blanchisseuse the french meaning for Washer Woman .
There is a mysterious romantic force that surrounds Blanchisseuse ,is it the high wall of mountains , the lush green forest ,the tumbling waves , the Caribbean Sea breeze or could it be the magnificence of the Marianne River flowing gently under the Spring Bridge ?.What a divine source of creation as nature trails take you upstream to enchanted pools, gorges and a waterfall that will delite you ple asure. Island Hikers 1868 749-2956will take you on a Historical tour of Blanchisseuse and a downstream river exploration to Marianne or Avocat Waterfall and Three Pools.

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