Trekking to Perting Waterfall

Lata Hammer is a secluded waterfall near Bukit Tinggi, located at Sungai Perting along the old trunk route from Bentong to Gombak (Kuala Lumpur).
Waterfalls always look movie perfect but can be dangerous. (Hey, I’m a kayaker, so I got to be very well verse with water safety! Haha). Near the sand bank the water about butt level, and most part of the pool is more than 6 feet deep. The deeper end near the falls may be over 20 feet. There are tree trunks buried under the pool. My foot was almost caught by some branches. At the inner part of the lagoon there is a strong circular current running anti-clockwise starting from the discharge of the fall, flowing towards the sand bank and back to the falls in a racecourse pattern. I made all these discovery when I was in the lagoon with my Personal Flotation Device riding this current, it just take a about 30 seconds and you will be push from the far end back to the thundering falls! That’s the time I swam away for my dear life !

The water so cooooooling and enjoyable, I even fill up a 1.5 liter bottle, with water filtered from the waterfall home. Haha !!!

I truly enjoyed this hike despite the long traveling time taken.

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