Waipuhia Falls the Upside Down Waterfall / Hiking in Oahu, Hawaii

The NOT So Good Hikers had heard of the Upside Down Falls, Waipuhia, but didn’t know exactly where to begin this journey. Edgar Gamiao came to our rescue and provided the much needed assistance after watching his video (Edgar has hiking videos with beautiful photography posted on YouTube under EP Gamiao so check him out)
Waipuhia Falls only flows during or immediately after heavy rain. To see the falls invert, you also need strong trade winds; therefore, it is a perfect combination of factors that must be met. This is probably the reason why there are not many available good photos or videos of Waipuhia Falls flowing in its classic manner to view.
This hike from the true trailhead is relatively short at just about a mile and the length can be doubled by parking at the Pali Lookout. Also parking at the Lookout will provide additional peace of mind that your car will be intact upon your return vs. parking it closer to the trailhead in an isolated area.
If you attempt this hike and the markers are gone we advise against trying to find the falls on your own or risk getting yourself lost in the rainforest since the trail is not distinct.
Please don’t take our videos as the “gospel” since hiking trails can change from what you see in the video. We make no claim to their accuracy, legality, or safety so Hike at YOUR OWN RISK. Play it safe and do your own research before embarking on any hike so you become familiar with what to expect. Know your limits and remember that there is no shame in having to turn back; we have turned back and not completed hikes before. This is a better choice than getting seriously hurt or lost while hiking.

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